Best 3D Rendering Companies in 2024


With more and more architectural rendering companies appearing on the market every day, it can be hard to know how and where to find the company best suited for your needs.  3d renderings have become and indispensable tool for real estate developers and architects to help with many different purposes such as selling and marketing new build developments, presenting architectural designs, and winning over investors in order to win contracts.  Given this importance, it’s crucial to find the company who can offer a service and product that can best help you achieve your goals. This article has the aim of helping you find the best 3d rendering companies to meet your rendering needs.



What are 3D Rendering Companies?

A 3D rendering company is a firm that specializes in creating architectural renderings, a type of CGI image used in architecture and real estate which allows for a visual representation of an unbuilt property or future design. These services are used mainly by those who need to show a design before it’s finished for purposes such as selling properties before completion, winning over investors, gaining planning permission or presenting design concepts in order to get all parties on the same page and speed up the decision making process. Typical customers are architects, real estate developers, interior designers, realtors, marketing agencies and furniture manufactures.

An architectural rendering company is often required due to this special set of skills demanded when creating 3D renderings, such as clearly understanding concepts, communicating effectively with all the parties involved in the process and being able to deliver a high quality product in a timely manner.

They also often offer other services on top of 3D renderings to attend to a wide spectrum of client’s needs, such as 3d architectural animation , VR real estate tours, 3D Floor plans or website development as a platform to have all the mentioned products in one place.



Why do you Need 3D Rendering Companies?

Best 3D Rendering Companies

People often use rendering companies to create 3D renderings for them as achieving high quality results is something that requires a very specific skill set which is tricky to achieve in-house, especially when this is something only required from time to time.

Whilst it’s true that many architects do have experience with 3D renderings and use them on a regular basis, creating photorealistic images is a task that most architects don’t have the time or resources to do, which is why outsourcing tends to be the most attractive option. For real estate developers that work on bigger projects, outsourcing is even more a priority, not only due to the skill set required, but also due to the fact that creating renderings for bigger projects requires a team of several people working at once.



How to Find and Select the Best 3D Rendering Company

the ultimate guide to choosing an external rendering company

There are plenty of well known 3D rendering companies out there with lots of experience and a great service, as well as lesser known ones that are also great to work with, but, as in any industry, there are also companies out there that are subpar. With this in mind, it’s important to do your research and check for the following:

1. Quality of Images

The overall quality of a company’s images is a very important factor to consider when looking for a company, with the more photorealistic the image being, the more effective the images will be when meeting your goals. Investing slightly more to get photorealistic renderings can make a big difference when it comes to selling and marketing your properties.

2. Reviews

Researching a company and their reviews can be very insightful in regards to how working with them would be, and you can do this easily by checking out reviews on platforms such as google my business and trustpilot, as well as asking to be put in touch with any of the studio’s current clients 

3. Communication/Professionalism

Communication and professionalism are of utmost importance when it comes to a successful rendering collaboration, and your initial contact with the studio will help you foresee what working with them would be like so it’s important to take note of how quickly they respond and how professional and transparent they seem. It’s also recommended to jump on a call to check their communication and see if you feel confident about working with them. Also, don’t be afraid to ask them difficult questions. 

4. Fee Structure

Every company has slight variations in regards to how they charge for specific services or what’s included within a certain price range. With this in mind, it’s important to find out what’s included in the quote provided, as many companies charge extra for additional revisions, adding people, creating custom furniture and special lighting effects (i.e. blue hour) etc. Bearing this in mind, it’s good to ask what’s included to get an idea of what the final price would be for your project.

5. Location/Time

Checking the location of a company can be an important factor mainly due to the time zone, as many companies are based overseas in different time zones. If you’re looking for a company that’s quick to respond and can make themselves available for regular emails/phone calls then it’s worth choosing a company that’s based in a timezone similar to your own. For example, if you’re based in the USA, you’re best off looking for companies who are based in either North or South America.



The Best 3D Rendering Companies in 2024



Location – New York

Founded in 1996 in New York City, Dbox is an architectural design company renowned for its numerous accolades granted by prestigious entertainment organizations like The Art Directors Club and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Dbox is considered as one of the most prestigious companies on the market, and have worked on many upscale and famous projects all over the globe.

‍In addition to their architectural prowess, Dbox is a leading 3D rendering company that specializes in crafting compelling marketing campaigns using visually stunning imagery. Going beyond architecture, their comprehensive range of services includes graphic design, digital advertising, photography, VR experiences, and computer-generated animation. Due to their fame and authority in the 3d visualization industry, it comes as no surprise that their prices are on the expensive side and a lot of the projects they’ve worked on have been famous buildings in the USA such as 432 Park Avenue and the World Trade Center.


The Boundary

the boundry

Location – London, UK

Established in 2014, The Boundary is an architectural visualization company headquartered in London. They have solidified their reputation as one of the industry’s top-tier architectural rendering companies, exclusively focusing on architectural visualization. The founder of the company Peter Guthrie, is an influential and well-known figure in the architectural visualization industry and his expertise in the area shows why. ‍

Considered as one of the top architectural rendering companies out there, their comprehensive range of services includes exceptional 3D imagery for projects and animations as well as immersive real time VR experiences that transport clients into their projects in a video game like experience. On top of this, they have experience working with metaverse, which is a trend that is only going to get more prominent over the coming years. Once again, their prices tend to be on the more expensive side, but you can expect a very high quality service and innovative solutions for your projects.


NoTriangle Studio 

notriangle studio

Locations – USA, Ireland & Brazil

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning ourselves, and we take pride in being one of the best 3d rendering companies out there when it comes to quality and professionalism whilst offering competitive prices. With offices located in California, Ireland, and Brazil, this 3D rendering company has successfully collaborated with numerous prestigious architectural and real estate firms across the globe.

As well as 3D Renderings, NoTriangle also offers architectural animations, VR real estate tours, 3d floor plans and interactive solutions including application and website development.

One of the pros of working with NoTriangle is its multiple locations, meaning that both clients in the Americas and Europe can successfully collaborate without any time zone issues. Another advantage is the strong communication, with their team making themselves available for regular phone call & zoom meetings whenever you need, as well as being highly

With a team specialized in fast turnaround projects, our 3d architectural rendering company is also a great fit if you have any projects that require turning around renderings for a specific deadline such as having to present in front of a local board or investor presentations.


Easy Render

easy render

Easy render is a slightly different entry on this list due to the fact that it isn’t a traditional rendering company and rather a 3d rendering platform with lots of different artists. The way this works is that you post a project brief on the platform and then wait to get different offers from artists from different locations around the world, with different price points and turnaround time offers.

One of the pros of using this platform is the variety of offers you can receive from artists in different locations, different workflows and style of images, and then can choose the one that fits your style best. You also only approve when you approve the work meaning that you only need to pay when you’re satisfied with the results, allowing for less risk. On the other hand, due to the fact that you work with freelance artists, this isn’t the best fit if you require multiple projects, animations or bigger & more complex projects as these usually require larger teams to carry these out successfully.


RealSpace 3D

real space


Location – Vancuver

Regarded as one of North America’s leading architectural visualization firms, RealSpace 3D has earned its reputation through a fine blend of quality and value. Since its inception in 2007, RealSpace has produced tens of thousands of superior rendering projects, serving a broad spectrum of clients that spans from Fortune 500 companies to individual homeowners pursuing minor renovations.

Realspace3D establishes close collaborations with architects, designers, property developers, real estate agents, marketing agencies, homeowners, and rezoning applicants. Their expansive portfolio, accessible on their website, exhibits their top-tier rendering work. The external renderings provided by RealSpace are notably detailed and professionally lit, with precise accuracy in materials used, regardless of whether it’s under the midday sun or the early evening dusk. These renderings accentuate the architectural attributes in a way that enhances the effectiveness of marketing efforts. Their interior renderings display a strong comprehension of regional interior design trends, with the ability to tailor their techniques to suit either modern or contemporary design elements.

Moreover, RealSpace 3D features an interactive pricing calculator on their website to aid customers in estimating the potential cost of their projects. They have generously contributed to the industry by authoring numerous tutorials and offering a wealth of online resources for free use by peers in the field.

Their services include exterior house rendering, residential interior rendering, commercial interior rendering, townhouse and condo rendering, 3d floor plans, 3d site plans and aerial renderings, animated walkthroughs and virtual tours.


Spine 3D

spine 3d

Location – Florida

Established in 2003, SPINE is a cutting-edge visualization studio located in South Florida, whose name also stands for Spatial Interactive Experiences. With a team consisting of skilled architects who specialize in crafting visual assets for design, marketing, and sales purposes, they offer a wide range of services such as 3D modeling, rendering, animation. On top of this, they offer cutting edge products such as video production, VR Experiences, AR filters, and web application development. 

As a large studio, Spine 3D has the capacity to take on multiple projects as well as larger scale projects that require a highly professional service under challenging circumstances.


Hayes Davidson

Hayes Davidson 1

Location – United Kingdom

Hayes Davidson is a British architectural visualization firm renowned amongst the real estate and architecture industry for its state of the art 3d rendering and animations. Considered as one of the most prestigious companies out there, Hayes Davidson excels in employing photorealistic rendering to fashion images that are virtually identical to photographs and has experience working with some of the most well known names out there and on projects including The Shard in London, and The Intuit Dome in Los Angeles. Founded by Alan Davidson over 30 years ago, the company has a physical presence of 3 continents and boasts an international team with experience working all over the world.


K2 Visual

k2 visual 1

Location – Hungary

K2 Visual, an architectural visualization company headquartered in Budapest, is recognized for its artistic vision and exceptional attention to detail when it comes to 3D rendering. Considered a high end studio, their. Their work extends beyond merely depicting the building but offering a highly artistic approach that seeks to show the project in the best possible light depending on each one of their clients goals. 

Within their architectural visualizations, K2 Visual pays particular attention to elements such as lighting, building composition, and the overall ambiance of the scene which help to bring a unique and inventive approach to 3d rendering. 



Kilograph 1

Location – Los Angeles

Based in California, Kilograph operates as a comprehensive creative agency, offering services such as web development, branding & design, comprising a diverse team of professionals, including architects, experienced designers, brand developers, filmmakers, and creative problem solvers. 

With a background in the entertainment industry, Kilograph draws upon this experience to offer a creative approach when it comes to depicting unbuilt properties, helping to narrate a project in a story-like way in the services they offer, including 3d renderings, animations and virtual reality.

With many certifications, Kilograph is considered a high end studio with lots of experience in the market, and is a perfect fit for those looking for a more creative approach to their rendering needs, and who have a big focus on brand identity and want to narrate a story with their project.



Luxigon 1

Location – Paris, Los Angeles, Milan

Luxigon is a French architectural visualization studio that is renowned for producing visually spectacular 3d images of a high precision. Having been in business for over 20 years, they have a large amount of experience in creating renderings, movies, real-time 3D VR tours for some of the most well known architects and real estate developers out there. Their workplaces a high amount of importance on intricacy, attention to detail and following a crafted process to match the design intent of their clients.




3D rendering companies play a vital role in the fields of architecture, real estate, and design by providing high-quality visual representations of unbuilt properties and designs and helping to achieve various different goals. Because of its importance and pivotal role in meeting architecture and real estate goals, as well as the specialized skill set required, outsourcing 3D rendering services is often preferred.

When searching for the best 3D rendering company, it’s crucial to consider factors such as the quality of rendered images, client reviews, communication and professionalism, fee structure, and location/time zone compatibility to make sure that a company aligns with your goals and project requirements. Thorough research and due diligence are essential to ensure a successful collaboration with a rendering company that aligns with your project goals.

In 2023, several prominent 3D rendering companies stand out, each offering unique strengths and services and hopefully our picks help you get one step closer to finding the right company to meet your needs.


Contact NoTriangle Studio, a leading 3D company specialized in cutting-edge 3D architectural visualization, today if you’re ready to start your 3D rendering project.

Author – Eddie Kingsnorth

Author – Eddie Kingsnorth – An experienced Sales & Marketing professional, joined NoTriangle in 2018 and has been an invaluable asset to the company’s growth. With his expertise in real estate marketing and as a communication specialist in the 3D Industry, Eddie has a keen interest in sharing his knowledge through writing, offering valuable insights and practical advice to readers.

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