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As an industry, real estate has always relied heavily on in-person interaction between potential buyers and on-location properties to complete a sale. This process can often be slow, complicated by personal schedules, and by the fact that buyers have to travel long distances to visit a property or risk buying it unseen. With the development of interactive tech tools, however, how properties are being bought and sold on the market is changing dramatically.

Potential buyers, sales teams, and partners alike, now all want to be able to explore and interact with properties virtually by the touchscreen in local showrooms, expo stands, and events centers, as well as from the comfort of their own devices, anywhere, and at any time. We employ the use of interactive tools to make this possible by seamlessly bridging our winning visualization and film creation capabilities, with the latest in cutting edge online and mobile marketing solutions.

2D Interactive Presentations

These types of presentations bring all your marketing materials together into one easily accessible place via a user-friendly interface. They can be an internet browser-based micro-website or an app available for download across all your mobile devices. Also commonly used as interactive sales tools in realtor showrooms, potential buyers can look at any unit they’re interested in on a tablet or large wall display by interacting with floor plans, bringing up specifications, and looking through the full range of image renderings, animations, and 360 look-around virtual tours.

Database integration introduces powerful sales tools such as real-time unit availability, sales prices, as well as providing detailed statistics on visitor traffic and user behavior to help you better understand your market.

3D Interactive Presentations

For those who want to take their presentation one step further we offer cutting edge 3D interactive presentations to create the ultimate sales solution for real estate marketing. As well as all the features highlighted, these types of presentations have the advantage of providing a fully immersive experience that ensures potential buyers gain, not only a better understanding, but also develop a true feeling for the properties they browse as if they were actually there.

These advanced presentations allow you to explore the whole project via an impressive live-3D interface. Interact with the site and its surroundings in 3D, rotate entire buildings in 3D, explore floor levels and jump into individual apartments to reveal cut-away 3D floorplans and real-time buyer essential information. These presentations are perfect to be published online, displayed on the mobile devices and be presented in showrooms as quick and easy sales tools to understand for your team and buyers alike.


Frequently Asked Questions


What Materials Do I Need To Start?

All the project materials you want us to include – graphic site plan, unit floor plans, gallery images, illustrations, unit specifications, project descriptions, and so on… and we’ll get started.


Is It Possible To Customize My Presentations With Corporate Colors, Icons, Fonts…?

Yes, we provide a standard user interface that can be fully customized. Just send us your corporate identity package and we’ll do the rest.


Does The Presentation Work Across All The Platforms And Devices?

Yes, the micro-website can be viewed via any internet browser on PC, Mac, and tablet. The app can be made available on the platforms and mobile devices of your choice. Both can be presented on large format TV showroom displays.


How Do I Open My Presentations? Do I Need Internet Connections?

No, presentations can be downloaded and operated without being connected to the internet. Certain features like unit price and availability will not be available live. Note: for any future updates an internet connection will be needed temporarily.


What’s The Best Way To Display These Presentations In The Showroom?

Presentations can be loaded onto iPads and users can cast onto large format TV displays.


How Is Up-To-Date Pricing And Availability Managed?

Admin only online spreadsheets linked to the presentation information pages drive the status and pricing automatically – have your admin make updates and all changes are automatic. made to the presentation.


How Much Time Does It Take To Create An Interactive Presentation?

It depends on the complexity and size of the project. Medium projects can take around 2 months to create, whilst smaller projects can be created in 5-6 weeks. It all depends on the amount of content and type you need to be included.


As A Real Estate Developer Or Broker How Should I Market My Presentation?

It all depends on your marketing and communication strategy. Presentations can be used internally for sales teams/brokers in showrooms/expos and also shared on social media or any other portals to attract more buyers. It’s even possible to directly embed presentations on your website.


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