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3D Floor plans and Dollhouses are virtual models of a building’s floor plans which are used to better convey architectural plans, showing a floor of a building from a birds-eye view. They have increasingly become more popular amongst real estate developers and as part of a real estate marketing strategy and help to give potential buyers an idea of the dimensions, size, and layout of a space, thus helping to close deals. At our 3d rendering studio we offer 3 types of floor plan services – 2D Floor plans, 3D Floor plans, and Dollhouse Renderings.

3d floor plan design services

Used Of Floor Plans & Dollhouse Renderings


Dimensions & Layout

3D Renderings are fantastic when it comes to showcase your design and development in the best light, but are more limited when it comes to showing the layout of a space, as it’s difficult to imagine how different rooms and spaces link up to each other by just looking at renderings of each space.

360 Virtual tours and animations are one way of resolving this problem, but the costs of these tools may not be worth the investment in some cases. Rendered floor plans combine the precision of layout visualization with the photorealistic rendering techniques, creating stunning representations of your space. Experience the perfect blend of accuracy and visual appeal. Get a quote today!


Cheaper Option

VR real estate tours may be the most powerful real-estate marketing tool out there when showcasing a new home, but they aren’t exactly the best option for those who are on a tight budget. There is also no way of doubting the power of photorealistic rendering service, but having 3D floor plans for apartments & dollhouse renderings come in.

Whilst not showing a room in as much photorealistic detail, a floor plan is still able to give the buyer a clear feel of a property and help create that emotional connection needed to close a sale. Every single room of a property rendered may also not be a feasible option for everyone in terms of finance. Another advantage of 3D Floor plans (particularly dollhouse renderings) is that you can create a realistic interpretation of many rooms (and floors in the case of dollhouse renderings) with just one image, meaning that costs are minimized.


Sense of Space

3D Floor Plans for houses help to avoid the client having to use their imagination to figure out the features and layout of a room as it realistically interprets household items such as beds, chairs and other pieces of furniture and the spacing between them. They allow buyers to separate objects visually, get a clear feel of the space and dimension instantaneously of their dream home without having to visit the property itself.

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3d floor plan rendering services

Frequently Asked Questions


Are 2d And 3d Floor Plans The Same Product?

No, whilst both can be used for a home design project,  2D Floor Plans are created directly from CAD drawings whilst we need to build a 3D model in order to create a realistic floor plan (or a Dollhouse). Moreover, we use different pieces of software for each of the 2 types of products. A 3D Floor Plan typically shows a home design project in more detail than a 2d plan.


Can I Create 2d And 3d Floor Plans From 3d Interior Renderings?

Having assets from 3D Interiors is very helpful to create a 3D Floor Plan & Dollhouse rendering and helps to save on costs as the same software is used, and we can re-use many of the same elements from the interior renderings to achieve high quality results. When it comes to 2d floor plans these aren’t as much of a help because we don’t use 3D assets to create them. Despite this, we can use a 3d interior as a reference and make sure that the color and materials are matching.


Can 3d House Floor Plans Be Useful For Online Interfaces?

Definitely. A 3d Floor Plan that shows all of the units can be used to show which units are available as well as additional details. They can also be used as maps to show the user’s location when going through a Virtual Tour. If you’re interested in learning more about online interfaces and apps for real estate follow the link.


Is There A Difference Between 2d & 3d Floor Plan Price?

3d floor plans and doll house renderings are generally more expensive to produce as we need to spend a lot of time on small details to make sure that photorealistic results are achieved. That being said, the cost can be significantly reduced when purchased as part of a package with 3D renderings, as we can re-use many of the assets when creating a 3d floor plan.Another thing that impacts price is the number of spaces shown, for example, a 3d bedroom plan would be cheaper than a dollhouse rendering showing a 3-story property). When it comes to 2D plans, costs are generally a lot lower as we don’t have to spend as much time on the small details that are necessary to create a photo real 3d floor plan.

Can You Create 3d A Floor plan That Can Be Rotated In Real-Time?

Yes, we are able to use technology that allows us to create this type of 3D Floor Plans. The difference is that the final product will be an online page instead of a graphic file.


I Don’t Have The Design For All The Units Of My Condo, Can You Suggest Something And Then Revise It Later?

Yes, we can propose the layout for 3d condo floor plans without CAD files or a virtual model and can help with the design phase. In this case, it will be helpful if we can receive references for the design that you have in mind so that we can make sure that we can achieve exactly what you’re looking for.


Can You Add People to 3d Floor Plans or a Dollhouse Rendering?

Despite the fact that we can add people to a 3d floor plan, this isn’t something that we don’t usually recommend to our clients, as we feel that people are better shown in other types of renderings. For a dollhouse rendering, the addition of people can be an excellent choice, as they can not only increase the wow-factor of the image, but can be is useful when it comes to comparing human height with other vertical dimensions of the apartment.


Under What Circumstances Should I Invest In A 3d Dollhouse?

Our clients usually go for 3D Dollhouses when they need to show apartments or a new home that have more than one level and they are used to graphically explain have different floors connect to each other. When used alongside 3d apartment floor plans, dollhouse renderings can give a very good idea of an apartment’s layout & functionality even if it’s big.


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