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Our 3D architectural animation studio provides a powerful luxury real estate marketing tool that allows you to showcase your high-end real estate developments in the most effective way possible, with empathic & cinematic features that will capture your client’s attention and immerse them into a 3D world. As in the case with our 3D rendering services, our architectural animations follow a customized 3D visualization step by step process that pays close attention to small details and tailoring the customer experience specific to each one of our client’s needs in order to maximize the impact of your luxury real estate branding and marketing campaigns.

What Our Clients Had To Say

  • We contacted NoTriangle to help with a new product launch that we were doing and they have exceeded our expectations. They were very easy to work with and clearly understood what we were trying to accomplish. NoTriangle responded very quickly to all of our questions and helped point us in the right direction when getting started. The renderings that were generated were amazing! The revisions that we needed were done in a timely manner and turned out better that we could have imagined. We have more projects in the works as we speak and will continue to use NoTriangle for future projects.


  • I had a pleasure of working with the NoTriangle team on a property in San Francisco. Over my 15+ years career in real estate marketing, I worked with a lot of rendering companies. In most cases, it’s a long cumbersome process with uncertain results. Make no mistake, the success of every project is only as good as the quality of renderings. With NoTriangle, the process was effortless, the team was responsive and extremely helpful in meeting critical deadlines. The renderings are stunning and visually-striking! I highly recommend this team to anyone for incredible quality and amazing customer service.


  • Our studio had the pleasure to work with NoTriangle for a few renders for one of our studio’s new residential homes. When looking for a rendering consultant there are many qualified companies to choose from, so the question comes up on how do you choose the right fit? For us, NoTriangle caught our eye as they projected a vision that directly resonated with the “style” of our studio. Working with the NoTriangle’s team was effortless and easy. We were very happy with our finished deliverable and would be eager to use their team again in the future.


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Uses Of Architectural Animation


Use architectural 3d animation services to increase the level of comprehension that potential buyers have an unbuilt property and showcase its advantages in the best possible light, increasing the chance of them taking the plunge and making an investment

Give potential buyers an exact idea of the space/design of the development and what a property will look and feel like in a matter of seconds

Use architectural animations to show exactly how different spaces of your development connect and show spaces from several different angles in a short timeframe, quelling any doubts regarding dimensions and spacing

Overcoming the obstacle of grabbing and maintaining people’s attention with a spectacular film-like tool that grabs and holds your clients’ attention in a way that images simply can’t, ultimately making it much easier to sell and market your developments

Improve your website and social media conversion rate. When a potential client is presented with an impressive archviz animation upon seeing your website or scrolling through their social media feeds, the chances of you capturing their attention, spiking their interest, and stimulating them to make an inquiry, will be much higher

Evoke powerful emotions of excitement and intrigue in potential investors and home buyers. In a similar sense that a sneak peek trailer of the new season of your favorite TV show gets you more excited than a set of photos, a stunning architectural visualization animation will have the same effect in comparison to 3d renderings.

Our Architectural Animation Process


Step 1 – Project Briefing

After getting your approval on the quote and turnaround time, we will analyze all materials sent over initially and reach out if there are any other necessary materials that need to be sent over in order to get started on a project. At this stage, we will create a 3d model or optimize your 3D Models (sketch up, Revit, or rhino) and lay the foundations for the animation to be created.

Step 2 – Draft Animation

This second stage involves creating basic quality video drafts to determine views, camera movements, music, and other elements and see how everything looks once it’s all together. We use our creative direction to the fullest by starting with several ideas and then narrowing down to the one which best suits your needs, finally deciding on the draft animation – a basic animation that basically shows the camera angles and movements of the animation.

Step 3 – Full Quality Animations Samples

At this stage, full-color still-frame samples of the animations will be sent in order to show what the final animation will look like, as well as showing the final quality. At this stage, any necessary adjustments to the architecture/design can be made before moving on to the final photoreal animation.

Step 4 – Final Animation Delivery

Once you have signed off on the animation the full-resolution final draft is computed. Changes to architecture and design are considered out of scope at this stage.

architectural animations

Frequently Asked Questions


What Factors Impact The Price Of Architectural Animations?

The pricing essentially boils down to the total length of the 3D animation and the number of camera movements. The shorter the animation and the lower the number of camera movements, the cheaper the animation will be. Unlike 3d renderings, animations require lots of computing power in order to be generated. In other words, we have to use a high amount of processors/workstations throughout the process in order to generate a 3d animation. This quantity of processors gets higher (can sometimes even get up to the hundreds) if you have a tight deadline, meaning that turnaround time is a key factor when it comes to quoting animations. Another factor that can impact pricing is the number of revisions to the design required throughout the process. Ideally, these should be avoided altogether if saving on costs is your top priority. Because of the high costs involved in changing the design once an architectural animation has been created, we create animations only from previously approved renderings (called keyframes in the case that the client only requires animation and not renderings). The renderings are a natural pre-step for the animation and are used to the design in place before proceeding with the animation.


What Is The Difference Between Architectural Animation Services And A Marketing Movie?

A 3D animation consists of just 3D content whereas a marketing movie is a branding video that contains various different elements to showcase your development in the best way. 3D Content is a key component in creating a successful marketing movie but takes things one step further by adding features such as storyline, soundtrack, video editing, info texts, and lifestyles. Marketing movies are a more complex product and can, therefore, be considered as a premium product.


Do I Need To Buy Renderings In Order To Proceed With A 3D Animation?

In theory no, but this is highly advisable. Renderings are a natural pre-step for architectural animations because they are still images where we can incorporate any adjustments to the design with relative ease. This helps you to verify the whole design before proceeding with the animation. It’s good to do this at the rendering stage as this type of revisions is pricier and takes more time if completed at the animation stage. In other words, proceeding with the animation without rendering first is possible although it could be a costly route if your design isn’t 100% finalized and isn’t something that we recommend. For an overview on the types of renderings that can be purchased alongside animations. Discover a wide array of renderings and animations available from a reputable 3D rendering company. Enhance your visual presentations with immersive experiences.


How Long Does It Take To Create A 3D Animation Or Marketing Video?

Preparing an animation can take between a few weeks and a few months, and this depends on how many seconds of 3d animation we will need to produce, how many camera movements are required, and how many computers the budget allows us to involve – higher numbers of computers leading turnaround time significantly as the computing power is a bottleneck here. That being said, the whole process can be made quicker with the use of a 3d render farm.


How To Save On Costs On Marketing Videos?

One way of saving costs is by reducing the amount of architectural walkthrough content in the video and increasing the amount of lifestyle footage (e.g Shutterstock footage). One second of 3D animation is more expensive than one second of lifestyle video from Shutterstock. For example, one 1 min video with 20 secs of 3D animation will be cheaper than a 1 min video with 40 secs of 3D animation. Another way of saving costs is to blend drone footage of the surrounding area with the animation, rather than asking the studio to re-create the whole area in 3d. If you’re new to drones, then this guide to drone photography for real estate is a good place to start to get a understanding of how these are used within the context of 3d rendering. drone photography for real estate


How Is Animation Used In Architecture?

Animation is used by architects & real estate developers to communicate the design of a property between themselves or to an end client. In contrast to renderings which show a space at a fixed angle, an animation shows movement and guides the viewer through/between spaces. An architectural visualization animation can also be used to show a property within the context of a neighbourhood, and can be incorporated in marketing movies to promote developments and attract potential buyers.


What Is A Flythrough?

An architectural 3D animation that shows future projects as if they were already built. The name flythrough refers to a video sequence that is designed to show the connection between spaces as we fly through the spaces one after another. Flythrough animations can be as realistic as real movies. 3D Architectural walkthrough is another term that is often used to describe this.


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