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NoTriangle Studio is a high-end architectural visualization studio that offers 3D rendering services, architectural animations and VR real estate tours for the luxury real estate market. With specialism and focus on the New York, Los Angeles and Vancouver luxury real estate markets, our 3D rendering company has worked on prestigious projects all over the globe including North America, Europe, China, Saudi Arabia and Latin America.

As a leading 3D rendering company, we help architects, designers and real estate developers to envision their projects, build luxury brands, and capture the imaginations of their client base. Our goal as one of the most unique rendering companies, is to not only produce imagery of outstanding quality but to deliver a superior customized experience to each one of our clients throughout the process of working with us.



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Our Services

3D Exterior Rendering for all types of projects including modern residential, classical , commercial and urban. Project size spans from a single family homes to large scale business districts. For more information on our process please check our 3D architectural renderings page.

3D Interior Design Rendering for all types of projects ranging from small residential apartments to shopping malls and large retail and commercial projects. We also cater to any specific furniture requirements with our team that is specialized in creating customized furniture. For examples of our interior renderings please visit our 3D architectural renderings page.

A real estate marketing tool that brings your developments to life and can allow your clients to walk or fly through your property before it evens exists. Wow your clients with cinematic features and first rate video editing. Grab and maintain buyers` attention and connect with them on a more emotional level with a 3d architectural movie.

Make of the most of the latest real estate marketing technology with different types of VR real estate tours that allow buyers to experience an unbuilt property in a way that is only possible through this technology. You can enjoy VR through our 360 tours which allow buyers to see a space in 360 from a particular standpoint, or, with Real Time Virtual Reality, which allows a more real, video game like experience. Programming costs included in our pricing.

Allow potential buyers to get a full understanding of the size and layout of your developments with just one image whilst showing. Perfect for those who are on a tighter budget but want to show their property in an effective way whilst still getting a rendering of a photorealistic quality.

Product renders for new inventions, sales/promo materials and new concepts that you would like to convey in the most effective way with 3D solutions that are completely adaptable to your budget.

Get one step ahead of your competitors with the ultimates sales tool that will stun your clients during your presentations in a cost effective way. Ideal for developers looking to sell projects with multiple units through a platform that keeps everything in one place.




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TEAM A team composed of architects, project managers, 3d Artists, modellers and sales & communication specialists – our vision is to help real estate developers, architects, interior designs and marketing/creative agencies reach their goals through the power of stunning visuals. Whether you goal is to maximise sales on your developments, convey an idea to investors, or get your design selected to build the project of your dreams, you can count us to achieve your goals.


With our expertise in producing 3D visualization stories and constructing environments for them to thrive in, and through our meticulousness to smalls details and an exceptional customer experience, our 3d Rendering studio is able to create exceptional visuals that allow our clients to harness the full potential of marketing new construction developments .

We are constantly optimizing our 3d rendering, animation and virtual reality services to ensure that 3D visualization can be used to its fullest in the realm of luxury real estate marketing. Since the inauguration of our 3D architectural visualization company in 2007, we have worked on several projects all over the globe, including:

–Luxury Four Seasons Holiday Resorts in various parts of the Caribbea
– Townhome Developments in the Greater Vancouver Area
– Luxury condos and Penthouse Apartments in Manhattan, Tribeca & Brooklyn, New York City
– Audi Brand Pavilions in Europe & North America
-Large Scale Business Districts in Latin America
– Burberry boutiques in the West End of London
– Trove Luxury auto storage condo in Vancouver
-Los Angeles Style Modern Residential projects in Beverly Hills & Hollywood
– HNTB’s winning concept for the 6th Street Viaduct in Los Angeles
– La Centrale – Miami’s premier Italian food hall in Brickell City Centre, Miami, Florida
– Four Seasons Luxury Holiday Resort in Antigua
– Secret Bay Hotel & Resort in Dominica