Amaze Your Clients with Exterior Architectural Rendering Services 


As a leading 3d exterior rendering company, our expertise lies in providing top-notch 3D rendering solutions specifically designed for the architecture and real estate industries. Whether you’re designing the exterior of a house, an office, commercial building or are more focused on landscape, our highly skilled team of professionals can help breathe life into your architectural projects and transform your visions into captivating renderings that allow you to visualize your projects with unparalleled clarity and detail. Discover how our 3D rendering studio can bring your architectural projects to life with unrivaled clarity and detail.

What Our Clients Had To Say

  • We contacted NoTriangle to help with a new product launch that we were doing and they have exceeded our expectations. They were very easy to work with and clearly understood what we were trying to accomplish. NoTriangle responded very quickly to all of our questions and helped point us in the right direction when getting started. The renderings that were generated were amazing! The revisions that we needed were done in a timely manner and turned out better that we could have imagined. We have more projects in the works as we speak and will continue to use NoTriangle for future projects.


  • I had a pleasure of working with the NoTriangle team on a property in San Francisco. Over my 15+ years career in real estate marketing, I worked with a lot of rendering companies. In most cases, it’s a long cumbersome process with uncertain results. Make no mistake, the success of every project is only as good as the quality of renderings. With NoTriangle, the process was effortless, the team was responsive and extremely helpful in meeting critical deadlines. The renderings are stunning and visually-striking! I highly recommend this team to anyone for incredible quality and amazing customer service.


  • Our studio had the pleasure to work with NoTriangle for a few renders for one of our studio’s new residential homes. When looking for a rendering consultant there are many qualified companies to choose from, so the question comes up on how do you choose the right fit? For us, NoTriangle caught our eye as they projected a vision that directly resonated with the “style” of our studio. Working with the NoTriangle’s team was effortless and easy. We were very happy with our finished deliverable and would be eager to use their team again in the future.



Main Uses Of 3D Exterior Design Rendering Services


  • Architecture & Investor Presentations Deliver top-notch architectural presentations and increase the odds of your winning that architectural presentation or closing a multi-million deal through using outstanding 3D visuals to their fullest potential
  • Pre-selling Apartments, Houses and Condosmaximize the sales and marketing potential of your developments before construction by winning over potential home buyers with convincing 3D visuals.
  • Communicating your design effectively to your clients Win over your clients with your design in the most effective way with renderings that show your projects in the best light, whilst making your work process smoother and more efficient.
  • Design Development – Work with a team of experienced architects and designers to help you develop your working concepts to turn them into winning designs.
  • Architectural CompetitionsRenderings can be used when you’re competing with dozens of architectural firms in a competition to determine who will be able to work on that state-of-the art public building that you’d love to design.
  • Improve your Marketing PortfolioAvoid having to wait years for your project to be completed before being able to maximize its marketing potential on your portfolio.


Types Of Clients We Work With

Architects – Enhance your workflow and presentations, whether they’re for getting architects on the same page for a particular design, or capturing potential investors’ attention.

Real Estate Developers & Homebuilders – Make the construction process smoother and sell any new build developments with ease with images that often look better than a photo itself.

Real Estate Marketers – Have visuals to focus your marketing efforts around, for a more complete and persuasive real estate marketing strategy.

Real Estate Agents – Enhance the look and feel of outdated properties and sell new builds more easily with eye-catching visuals.


Frequently Asked Questions


How Long Do Exterior 3D Rendering Services Take?

This depends on a few factors. Will you provide us with a 3D model or will we need to work directly from CAD drawings? How many images would you like of your project? How quickly will you be able to give us feedback in between each round of deliveries? How important is meeting a tight deadline? With these factors in mind, creating renderings can take anything from 1-6 Weeks. For a timeline estimation on a specific project, please contact us at [email protected] or +1 347-994-0951.


How Does Your Rendering Process Work?

We break down each project into small stages and set milestones with our clients. For 3d exterior renderings, we propose several different camera angles, prepare preview renderings, and then move on to the revision rounds. After the revision rounds, we move on to preparing the final renderings and can then start with additional products (3d animations, virtual tours, 2d floor plans, apps, etc) which follow a similar process. For a more complete guide on our rendering process.


Can You Work With My 3d Model? Is This Helpful?

Providing us with your 3D model is always better than just providing us with CAD drawings. That being said, most 3D models delivered by clients aren’t good enough to create photorealistic 3D renderings and therefore need to be optimized in order to achieve photorealistic results. We typically have more work with models that are created in engineering software (e.g. Revit, Rhino, etc.) and less work with models created in architectural software such as SketchUp and ArchiCAD.


How Many Rounds Of Revisions Do I Have Before The Final Renderings?

Our standard proposal includes two revisions but this can occasionally be adjusted, and if you are looking to save on costs then one revision may be a more suitable option. On the other hand, if your project is at an early stage then we would highly recommend going through more revision rounds to test out different design options and to set the final design in place. After the initial project briefing, your designated project manager will let you know what amount of the revisions will be advisable for your project.


Can You Enlarge The Renderings So That They Can Be Shown On A Billboard?

We can make the renderings as large as you need them to be. We only need to know the exact size that you need so that we’re able to schedule our production ahead of time. The process is very similar to that of creating standard renderings with us only needing to spend a little extra time on enhancing small details to make sure that the quality of the renderings is maintained when shown on a large scale printing. Read our render resolution guide for information about different types of renderings


I Have A Rendering Created By Another Studio/In-House Team – Can You Improve Them?

Yes, we are able to improve any renderings created by your in-house team or by another studio as long as you are able to provide us with the rendering source files. If you have only an image and aren’t able to get your hands on the source files then we will only be able to use the image as a reference and will have to create the renderings from scratch. We carry out a lot of work that is a continuity of what architects begin with their in-house rendering teams. This process typically works with the in-house team creating renderings that are good enough to approve the design of a project and is then passed onto us (along with source files) to create photorealistic renderings for marketing purposes.



Transforming Real Estate & Architectural Projects with Unmatched Exterior Rendering Services

Take your real estate projects to new heights with our 3d exterior rendering services and let us create visuals for you that will leave your clients astonished.Reach out to us via the form below or call us at +1 347-994-0951 and one of our experts will get in touch to discuss your project needs.

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