Townhouse Rendering

After single family homes, townhouse rendering projects are probably our most requested type of project here at NoTriangle, meaning that we’ve created a process and have specialist artists working on these types of projects. Whether your townhouse design is finalized and you’re looking for someone to create high quality visuals to be used for sales and marketing purposes, or whether you’re in the middle of the process of designing a townhouse project and need planning permission or investor’s interest, then you can trust us to help you achieve your goals.


townhouse rendering

Our Process 

1. Analysis of Materials & Determining Best Approach

Before officially starting your townhouse development rendering project, we will analyze all materials received (CAD’s, 3D Model, FFE package) and determine the best approach to move forward based on your goals/needs and the given timeframe for the project to be completed. During this stage we can also suggest the quantity/which views we think would best suit your project.

2. Greyscale Views + View Proposals

After building a 3D model of your project, we will create different camera angles of the exterior or interior spaces for you to choose from. One of our art directors will get involved at this stage to select the best camera angles that will show your project in the best light. View proposals are submitted as black & white images and at this stage the model doesn’t have any materials.

3. Color Renderings

After deciding on the camera angles, Our 3D Artists will get to work on the color renderings which will then be delivered as a photorealistic image once completed. To help us nail these first time around, materials, mood and reference images are a huge help.

4. Revision Phase

Once the photorealistic architectural renderings, are delivered, we allow for 2 rounds of minor revisions so that we can make sure that the images are exactly how you want them to be. Whether the color of the facade isn’t quite as nice as you initially envisioned, or there’s a few landscape elements that you’d like to change, we can carry out any of these requests at no extra cost. Once these revision rounds are complete, we will deliver the final renderings at 4K resolution.


townhouse renderings

Main Uses of Townhouse Renderings

Eliminate Room for Error & Test Out Designs – Spending a little now can help you save thousands in the future by getting to see exactly how a particular design will look like before construction and identifying any potential flaws. Townhouse rendering also allows for a cheap way of testing out different designs to see which looks best before moving forward with construction. 

Win Stakeholders over with your design – Use inspiring 3D visuals to get stakeholders and investors on your side, whether you’re looking to get funding for your project or need to secure planning permission. 

Pre-Sales & MarketingMaximize the sales & marketing potential before construction begins of your development with photorealistic renderings, which allow potential buyers to understand and connect with your property, thus making the sales process so much easier. Liven up your website, spice up your brochure/print materials and make your job as real estate agent much easier. 


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As well as skyscraper renderings, we also renderings for other types of projects including residential, landscape and commercial. You can contact us through our contact page, clicking on the button in the top-right hand corner, sending us an email at [email protected] or calling us at +1 510 240 9771

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