Real Estate Marketing Strategy – Why Invest in Photorealistic Renderings?

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You may be sick of hearing all the time that “you have stand out from your competitors,” but it’s true, especially when selling high end real estate. Obviously this is easier said than done, but there are several ways of enhancing your real estate marketing strategy in order to achieve this, with offering photorealistic renderings being one of them. 3D architectural renderings are pretty standard in the real-estate market these days, but many people fail to see the importance of achieving top quality when offering these renderings. For those of new to 3d world, architectural 3D rendering is a tool that is used primarily to market unbuilt properties and help architects show their clients what unbuilt property will look like once construction has finished.

Obviously there are cases where photorealistic renders aren’t necessary, such as during the early phases of interior design rendering and the design development phase of a property, but when it comes to actually marketing and selling luxury condos and properties, they’re golden.

The truth is that high quality 3D architectural rendering services should be used as the focal point of a real estate marketing strategy, primarily due to the fact that imagery is far more powerful than words. The well known phrase `an image is worth a thousand words` exists for a reason, and is especially applicable in the case of marketing and selling luxury real estate.

The fact that these images can be so powerful means that they can be used to wow potential investors and buyers as well as helping them feel an emotional connection to a property before it has been built. This means that these photoreal images have the power to influence people’s’ buying decisions and also act as a representation of your services on a whole. However, if the quality if of these 3d renders is average, the effectiveness of these images will be limited, meaning that maximizing the quality is key.

Chances are that if the images are of a high quality, your services will be seen as more luxurious. Morever, having on online portfolio boasting top-quality 3D images as part of your real estate marketing strategy will further consolidate your company’s image, making it easier to market and sell your services.


The beauty of this is that the value of your services increases without you actually having to increase your capabilities or work load.Hiring artists yourselves is an option, but one that demands spending thousands of dollars recruiting artists who are capable of creating images of top quality, a risk that might not pay off in the end. The more sensible option is to work with an Architectural Visualization studio, being cheaper, more reliable and already experts in the field. Finding the right 3d rendering studio can be a challenge, but once you manage to secure a partnership you will find that you will find yourselves offering a luxurious service without actually having to do much yourselves, as well as having a load of photorealistic renders to use for marketing purposes.

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Partnering with a 3D visualization studio as part of your property marketing strategy can also be a lucrative financial opportunity. If you know how to sell your own services, chances are that selling high-quality images isn’t going to pose too many challenges. In fact, the images can do most of the selling for you. In terms of quality, photorealistic rendering content has a far higher market value than an standard quality 3D rendering, creating fantastic potential for profit margins on images that you don’t even have to work on yourselves. Architectural Visualization studios usually charge a fixed price per 3D rendering, but the fact that you are offering theses images as part of your own services means that you are able to dictate prices for the real-estate developer, whether that’s part of a larger marketing package or by themselves.

You’re probably thinking offering 3d rendering services as part of your property marketing strategy sounds great on paper, but isn’t as simple as finding the perfect architectural rendering company, closing the perfect deal and making thousands of dollars straight away on these images. In fact, it may seem like a risky opportunity, especially if renderings are something that are new to you, but the truth is that when done right, offering photorealistic renders as part of your real estate marketing strategy is definitely worth considering.

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