Photorealistic Rendering Services
Why They Are Invaluable for Architects



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3D Architectural Renderings have been on the market for a long time now, and creating them (whether done in-house or through an external 3d studio) has become commonplace amongst architects, real-estate developers and marketers in order to market and pre-sell luxury condos and other properties. It’s no mystery as to how 3D rendering services can directly benefit the sales and marketing campaign of a real-estate developer, but it may be less obvious as to how high quality 3D visualization can directly benefit an architectural firm. They may be fancy, prestigious and luxurious, but might not always seem worth the investment when faced with the pricing. If this is how you feel about 3D renders, then carry on reading this post.



As an architect, your main responsibility is to find the best ways to achieve your customers’ goals, but it’s not always the case that your ideas, concepts and solutions align with those of the client. Their wishes can often be unrealistic and impractical, but convincing them otherwise can be a struggle without risking damaging your working relationship. Describing features, banging on about technical details and showing complex CAD drawings and sketches aren’t much use in assisting with this, and we all know that relying on a client’s imagination can be precarious. Photorealistic rendering services circumvent this, by not only accurately depicting and communicating your ideas to the client, but also have the added bonus of evoking strong emotions and capturing your client’s attention in a way that other tools aren’t able to. This ultimately puts you in a stronger position when in comes to convincing clients about your design and the direction you wish to move in, enhancing the efficiency and decision making process throughout all stages of the project.



Staying on the topic of communication, real estate renderings also act as a translation tool when different people from different professional backgrounds are involved in the decision making progress. You’re in a meeting with people from firms from different areas such as engineering, interior design, real-estate development, marketing and investment, all of which are very different from each other in terms of their style of communication as well as their understanding & interest in architecture and design. The engineers might understand you perfectly when you’re presenting CAD drawings, but an investor or marketer might get confused, impatient or even downright bored. 3D rendering services offer a solution to this as photorealistic renders speak to people on a deeper, more emotional level, meaning that their effectiveness is equal regardless of someone’s professional background. The higher the quality of the image, the higher their impact will be.

This impact also rings true for delivering an architecture presentation, where the chances of you winning that competition or closing that multi-million contract, are much higher when quality 3D architectural visualization is used to its fullest potential.


Photorealistic Rendering



Another huge benefit of 3D Architectural renderings for architects is the impact that they can have on  marketing. Let’s imagine a scenario where you’ve managed to get the chance to work on a prestigious project and are excited to bring your visions to life and showcase them to the world in full beauty. However, the catch is that you have to wait for the project to be completed to do so. In certain scenarios your precious design may never be seen as the client opts to go for a more cost effective option, and in some cases the project may never even come to fruition due to funding issues guaranteeing your design is consigned to the dustbin of history for good. This can be extremely frustrating considering all the time and effort put into creating it.

A solution to this which involves visualising your designs at much earlier stages is in choosing to work with a rendering firm. Whether you choose to invest in an a 3D architectural rendering, 3d animation or VR real estate tour, having to wait for lengthy periods of time for a development is no longer a worry, as these methods accurately embody your project in just a few weeks, resulting in renderings that are so impressive that you can’t tell them apart from a photo.

Gain the ability to regularly update your online portfolio, without being timeline dependent on client approval and construction completion dates, and significantly increase the quality of your design process and effectiveness of your presentations. Take things a step further and maximize the effectiveness of your sales & marketing strategy by publishing these photorealistic renders in the right places and showing them to potential prospectors. Reduce your need in having to hard-sell your services and let the images do the work for you.