Real Estate Tours
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NoTriangle Studio is an architectural visualization studio that specializes in high quality and photorealistic rendering services, architectural animations, real estate virtual tours and other state of the art 3d solutions for the luxury real estate market.


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    After determining the needs of your company, we follow a customized briefing process to establish the purpose, timeline and cost of the vr real estate tour.

  • Render

    After the briefing, we will start the 3d visualization process and work closely with you to decide on the most suitable angles for the creation of the 360º environments.

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    UI Design

    We will work closely with you to determine the art direction of the virtual reality real estate tour, and design the platform in a way that matches your real estate branding and luxury marketing strategy.

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    We add your custom content and necessary links to the real estate vr tour, such as hotspots, links, e-commerce, texts, narratives.

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    We publish the virtual reality real estate tour onto our server, making it compatible with all VR compatible devices. You will then be able to publish the tour on your site and share on social media.



Use the latest in 3D / 360° Virtual Reality (VR) technology to enhance sales by engaging prospective buyers with highly immersive interactive vr real estate tours of complete 3D rendered environments for the luxury real estate market and beyond.


Vr real estate tours allow you to view any space as if you were there whether it already exists or if it’s in the pre-construction phase. Provide a buyer with an authentic ‘feeling’ of the space in a way that no ordinary photograph, video, or rendering can.


For a quote on a specific project, or more information about our process, rates and turnaround time of our vr real estate tours, please get in contact with us via email:


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3D Content & Photos
Bring your virtual reality real estate tour to life with photorealistic rendering content, architectural animations and photos & videos.

Music & Narratives
Customize your virtual real estate tours with music, narratives and sound effects.

Embed Website Links
Add links from external websites to your virtual reality real estate tours to increase your marketing capacity

Custom Design UX/UI
Have your own fully customized platform to optimize your real estate branding and luxury real estate marketing strategy.

Fully Immersive Experience
Compatible with Desktop Computers, Smartphones, VR Headsets, Oculus rift and Samsung gear, amongst several others.

Share on Social Media
Market your virtual real estate tours and content effectively on different social media platforms.