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The 360 VR tour is a real estate marketing material that allows the buyer to feel what it’s like to be in an unbuilt property through the use of highly detailed 360-degree renderings allowing the buyer to look around a space as if they were standing at a certain point and looking around in several different directions. The beauty of 360 tours is that they can be used with or without a VR headset, and can be integrated onto various different platforms, including social media and your development website/landing page. 

Real time interactive walkthrough VR real estate tours take it a step further by allowing the buyer to step out of the 360 and freely walk through the property itself providing an even more immersive experience. This is a more complex tool than 360 VR Real Estate which includes features such as being able to customize different items (e.g furniture) and move through the property as if you were playing a video game. 

Please get in touch at [email protected] or +1 347-994-0951 For general information on pricing/turnaround time of our VR tours, or for a quote for a specific project.  

Benefits of Investing In A “3D” Or “VR Real” Estate Tour For your Development



A virtual reality real estate tour made by an architectural rendering company is king when it comes to immersion and wowing your clients. Using the film example to draw a parallel once again, if real estate 3d renderings are equivalent to a set of photos and 3D architectural animations to a trailer, virtual reality real estate tours offer another dimension altogether actually allowing you to enter the film itself to take part in the action. VR Real Estate Technology’s power as a real-estate marketing tool is unparalleled, and it’s something that people should be taking more seriously.

Stand Out From Competitors

The fact that some know little and are still skeptical of whether VR real estate tours are worth the investment is something that you can use to your advantage. Whether you believe it or not, VR Real estate technology is revolutionizing property marketing, and those who move now to make the most out of this cutting edge tool are going to be the long term winners.


The beauty of getting a VR real estate tour done with a 3d rendering company is that you can tailor the whole tour so it represents and showcases your brand in the most effective way possible. Give the client the power to customize a home to their exact liking by allowing them the ability to change furniture and finishes at the click of a button. Add a rendered floorplan, maps, a fully customized UI design, and add an integrated website and e-commerce links so that you can take your brand exposure to a whole new level.

Virtual Reality For Real Estates


Virtual reality has been making waves since 2010 when the first prototype of the pioneering Oculus Rift was introduced. Since then, technology giants like Google, Samsung, and Microsoft have recognized the potential of simulated environments and have all made huge investments and strides in advancing this technology.

VR is a potential game-changer in many fields and for the real estate sector it’s already transforming the way the industry functions, and solving many challenges that real-estate developers and marketing agencies have when it comes to successfully marketing and selling a property that doesn’t yet exist.

NoTriangle Studio has carried out several projects requiring VR Real Estate, including classical architecture projects, offices, business districts, luxury condos, and restaurants. NoTriangle Studio specializes in two different types of Virtual Reality Real estate Tours and is currently developing the capacity to use augmented reality to further enhance the marketing potential of this cutting-edge technology.

Our Virtual Reality Real Estate Process

Step 1 – Briefieng

After determining the needs of your company, we follow a customized briefing process to establish the purpose, timeline, and cost of the VR real estate tour.

Step 2 – Render

After the briefing, we will start the 3d visualization process and work closely with you to decide on the most suitable angles for the creation of the 360º environments.

Step 3 – UI Design

We will work closely with you to determine the art direction of the virtual reality real estate tour, and design the platform in a way that matches your real estate branding and luxury marketing strategy.

Step 4 – Conent

We add your custom content and necessary links to the real estate VR tour, such as hotspots, links, e-commerce, texts, narratives.

Step 5 – Publishing

We publish the virtual reality real estate tour onto our server, making it compatible with all VR compatible devices. You will then be able to publish the tour on your site and share it on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Get Renderings Before A 360 Virtual Tour?

Usually, the renderings and virtual tours go hand in hand however there’s no rule as to which product should be created first. We can either create virtual tours then extract renderings from the VR tour or can do the opposite. It really depends on your priorities and which route makes more sense for you.

What Do I Need To Be Able To Display A 360 Virtual Tour?

A 360 tour is an online micro-website that can be added to an online server and accessed via a link. Any device that has access to the internet can display the tour. Additionally, devices equipped with gyroscopes (smartphones, tablets, etc.) will automatically detect your movement so that you can move through the tour accordingly. You can also put a smartphone into a case (i.e. Google Cardboards) that will transform it into a simple & portable VR Headset. The tours work with any system e.g. windows, mac, android, iOS, etc.

Are 360 Virtual Tours The Same As Real-time Virtual Tours?

No, they are 2 different products. 360 Virtual Tours consist of various 360 Renderings and ‘hotspots’ are created inside of the tour which allows you to move between different points. This is similar to the way that you would walk down a street on Google Maps street view. Real-Time VT is when everything is rendered in real-time (like in a video game) and you can walk freely wherever you want, being also able to interact with different elements (i.e. open doors, changing materials, etc). Both of these technologies have pros and cons that are described in the section above the FAQ

Do You Also Work With Real-time Virtual Tours?

Yes, and if you are interested we can send you examples. We don’t publish them as they are composed of executive files that you have to play on your computer (like video games)

Can A 360 Virtual Tour Be A Proper Website?

Yes, a 360 Virtual Tour is already an online micro-website that can be developed and turned into a proper website with all its functionality and connected sales tools. At the top of this page, there are a couple of examples of the tours that show what they look like when integrated into a website.

Can I Change The Materials Or Other Elements In Real-time In A 360 Virtual Tour?

No, this feature is only for Real-Time Virtual Tours and is not possible for 360 Virtual Tours because they are made of static renderings.

Will The 360 Virtual Tour Be Placed On Our Server Or On Yours?

Whilst we are developing the tours, it stays on our server. Once it is finished we will send you all the files that you need to put the 360 virtual tour on your server and this is highly advisable since you will have full control over it.

What Is The Biggest Advantage Of Investing In Virtual Real Estate Tours?

They give a good idea of the space of the project without having to see the project fully built, which can speed up the process of approving the project or buying/renting a property. Moreover, it’s a secure way to keep prospecting your clients in case physical meetings aren’t possible. In addition, the tours are online so you can collect data about traffic and use this to improve your sales.

Can I Add Music And Other Sounds To Improve The Client’s Experience?

Yes, we can add music and different sounds, i.e. lounge music in a restaurant, birds singing outside an apartment window, or the sound of moving traffic on the street.

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