Furniture Rendering Services

Discover our top-notch Furniture Rendering Services at NoTriangle Studio. We specialize in transforming furniture designs into photorealistic visuals, showcasing the true essence of your creations. Explore our portfolio and elevate your design process with our exceptional rendering expertise.

What is Furniture Rendering?

Furniture Rendering is a computer generated graphics image (CGI) that shows future furniture design. They are created in 3D rendering software and they can either show pieces of furniture alone or specific spaces. Furniture rendering is often used as a powerful sales tool to help furniture manufacturers to create catalogs as ultra-photorealistic images can be a substitute for photos. They are especially useful for showing how different furniture sets can work with various interiors or garden designs, which helps potential buyers to select the right pieces.



Main Types of 3D Furniture Rendering Services

There are a few different types of furniture rendering services that can be used by manufacturers and designers:


  • White Background Renderings 

This is the most basic type of image, which involves showing a certain piece of furniture on a white background, as seen in the example below. This type of rendering is typically used on a website to showcase different product types, or as part of a catalog, whether that be in a brochure or online.


  • Lifestyle Images 

This takes furniture rendering to the next level, showing a piece (or multiple pieces) of furniture within a space to help show a product in a specific context. This is used as a way of increasing the sales potential of your product, as this type of rendering allows the buyer to feel more drawn to your product after seeing how it looks in an actual space.


Furniture Rendering Services


  • Color Scheme Variations 

These types of renderings are essentially variations of either of the two types of renderings mentioned above, as it involves using the same image whilst making changes to certain elements such as color, materials and different fixtures. These are usually cheaper than the previous type of images as many elements from the other images can be used. Please see a few examples below.

kitchen furniture renderings


  • Close Up Shots 

This type of image can also be considered as a variation of the first two types, as it involves using the same image but creating a higher detail version in order to show certain elements close up. This may seem like something you can do yourself by just zooming into an image, but due to the high level of detail required in order to show an item close up, this often requires additional work.


photorealistic 3d furniture renderings


Who Needs 3d Furniture Renderings?

  • Furniture Manufacturers

Furniture renderings are an extremely useful sales and marketing tool for furniture manufacturers as they allow them to stage their products at much lower costs than with real staging, as well as making the process more streamlined and quicker. Examples of products we’ve created for these types of clients include kitchen cabinets, garage doors, mirrors and windows. There are several benefits for furniture manufacturers of using furniture renderings as opposed to doing it physically, which we’ll go into more detail later.

  • Furniture Designers

Furniture designers often require this type of rendering in order to help them with the design process of a piece of furniture. Having to rebuild furniture and make physical changes to a prototype is replaced by doing everything in 3d, which means that you can easily experiment with different designs, colors and materials in 3d before building something out.



Benefits of 3D Furniture Rendering

3d furniture rendering

  • Practicality/Ease

Despite what you might think, using 3d rendering in order to showcase your furniture product can be much more practical than doing everything in real life. Firstly, showing the product in different spaces is much easier in 3d. Rather than having to find the perfect space, or even build out a real life space, you can show the same thing in 3d with way less hassle. Also, showing color variations of the same product can be done without actually having to create different versions in real life.

  • Time-Effectiveness

3D renderings are a time effective solution for several reasons. Firstly, when it comes to actually showing the product, getting this done in 3d is much quicker than having to build everything out. The same goes to making any edits to the design. Making changes to a 3d model/rendering can be done in a couple of days, whereas having to rebuild a real life model or showroom can take far longer.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

For the same reasons as mentioned in the sections above, the process is much cheaper than doing everything in real life. A good example of this would be the project shown in the images below, where everything was done in 3d. If it were to be done in person, a real life space would need to be built out from scratch, or adjusted to match the client’s vision. Also, for the additional color scheme variations shown, each individual item would have to be replaced, which as you imagine isn’t the most cost-effective process. Doing this in 3d helps to circumvent this.

  • Freedom to Show Product in Different Environments

With furniture rendering, the sky’s the limit when it comes to showing your products in different environments, no matter how difficult this would be to show in real life. Whether you’re wanting to show your product in a wide range of climates and physical environments or want to show what your product would look like in a variety of different design styles, all of this is easy to do in 3d.

  • Improved Interactivity

Another benefit of furniture 3d rendering is that once a piece of furniture is built out in 3d, there are several other things that are possible besides 3d rendering. You can put these on a website so that a customer can see the furniture from a 360 view, and they can be added to tools such as real estate tours and 3d animations.

  • Easier Manufacturing 

Another pro of furniture renderings is that they help to avoid costly design and manufacturing mistakes, as any problems can be identified in 3d before actually building out a product, avoiding the risk of building out something in real life, noticing mistakes, and having to re-manufacture everything. This makes the manufacturing process much quicker and smoother.

Incorporating our furniture rendering services into your interior design projects brings your furniture designs to life. With our expertise in 3d interior design services, we deliver realistic and visually stunning 3D renderings that showcase the true potential of your furniture pieces. Experience the power of photorealistic visualization and captivate your clients with compelling virtual representations. Elevate your interior design projects to new heights with our furniture rendering services.



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