3D Rendering for Real Estate
How it can be a Game Changer for Realtors

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What is 3D Rendering for Real Estate?

A 3D real estate rendering is a photorealistic interpretation of a property, built or unbuilt, that can be used as a marketing tool for agents’ clients. They can be of either the interior or exterior of a project, and these images can be used to display a project in the best light without actually requiring the project to be fully completed and ready to live in. The same goes for projects under renovation, a real estate rendering can be used to show exactly how the project will look after renovation is complete.

3D Renderings can be used for many types of projects, with the most common for real estate agents being single/multi family homes or apartments complexes. They can also be used to create multiple types of interior spaces of a project, such as kitchens and bathrooms. no

How Real Estate 3D Rendering can be used by Agents & Developers

There’s no doubt that real estate agents’ & developers’ goals are quite different to those of interior designers of architects when it comes to 3D architectural renderings, with the following applications being the most common:

Marketing/Advertising – There’s a good chance you’ve already seen a rendering you’ve mistaken for a photo on a website, brochure or magazine.  These tools are nearly unbeaten when it comes to your real estate marketing strategy, due to the impact it has on grabbing potential buyers’ attention and capturing their interest in the property you’re trying to sell. 

Presentations – in a similar way to using on websites or brochures, a real estate rendering can be used during presentations with potential buyers, allowing for a powerful tool to assist you whilst you pitch.

Having a Strong Portfolio – Having renderings of developments is a solid way of creating a portfolio that has a wow factor. This portfolio can then be used as a way of showing multiple properties to the same buyer without actually having to leave your office, thus saving valuable time.

Virtual Tours – the ultimate sales tool for real estate agents & developers, virtual real estate tours can be used to show a full tour of a property without even having to leave your office. Not only is this useful in helping with sales of unbuilt and properties under renovation, but it can help you save time by filtering out those clients who are actually interested as opposed to timewasters. 

Construction Rendering for Real Estate - Exterior Example

The Benefits of Construction Rendering for Real Estate Agents & Developments

When it comes to selling a property, realty companies need to showcase the project in the most impressive fashion, whether that’s through the form of photos in the case of built properties or 3d renderings for new developments and properties under renovation. 

The main advantages of 3d renderings include:

Capture Client’s interest – Let the images do the talking, It’s far easier to get potential buyers on your side with top quality visuals as opposed to trying to persuade them through explaining the functionality and benefits of living in a certain property. The same goes for 2d drawings, they just don’t quite cut it. 

Building an Emotional Connection – It goes without saying that buying a house is in many ways an emotional decision, and this is done by helping the client to imagine what life would be in the house you’re trying to sell. Doing this with built properties isn’t too much of a struggle as they can just visit the property, but when it comes to unbuilt properties or properties under renovation, your chances of selling without top quality visuals are low, meaning that tools such as 3d renderings can be a godsend. 

Time Management – Using 3d rendering as a real estate development company is something that can be a convenience and can help save your time as you can give potential buyers a tour of a property without actually having to leave your office, thus allowing the buying process to be quicker and more efficient. 

Online Use – Renderings can be used on your website, social media and any other online platforms as a way of promoting your developments. You can also easily add this to listing websites such as Zillow as if they were photos. 

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