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Architectural Visualization & 3d rendering company



Improve your real estate marketing & boost your sales by envisioning your projects with high-end architectural visualization, immersive virtual tours and interactive tools. We help to capture your clients’ imaginations by providing visual marketing materials, which give a solid understanding of your development and are persuasive to win over your competitors and have a successful campaign.

If you’re tired of micro-managing rendering companies and getting mediocre results then you’ve come to the right place as our studio is made up of highly-trained professionals with years of experience on the luxury real estate market.Sit back and relax whilst we bring your projects to life.




3D Exterior Renderings

Photorealistic renderings created from your blueprint and sketches for all types of projects, including modern and classical houses, educational buildings, cultural centers, commercial and large scale business districts. If you are struggling to communicate your design in the most effective way, trying to pre-sale a development, or trying to obtain planning permission from the local board, then this product is for you.

3D Interior Rendering

Whether you’re looking to renovate an existing space or are working with a new project, our cgi rendering company will help you to envision your ideas and communicate them to your clients, investors or buyers. Photorealistic interior renderings are for all types of interiors ranging from residential, hospitality, shopping malls, and large retail projects. This type of renderings is also well suited for furniture manufacturers that can use them for releasing new furniture collections instead of investing in expensive photoshooting.


Whilst static renderings are an effective tool to present your development, architectural animations take this to the next level by including camera movements and music, leading to new ways of creating even more seductive marketing materials. You can fly-through your project to understand the complexity of the space, or opt for teaser looking-like movies that stimulate your potential clients’ imaginations.


This product showcased by architectural visualization firms allows a very unique and immersive experience as your clients can walk and navigate through your development by themselves. It’s an engaging way to learn about your project as they spend much more time interacting with your design, therefore gaining a better understanding of what you are offering. As a result, virtual tours are becoming more and more popular in the real estate industry, both as stand alone products, and as part of a package with different products i.e. renderings and animations.


These products allow for an easy, cheap and simple way to help your clients fully understand the layout of your development. Whilst rendering and animations are very persuasive tools, floor plans and dollhouses act as nice extensions of your blueprint for those of your clients who are more technical-oriented, and help them to make a final decision about the purchase.


This product is ideal for those of you using lots of different marketing materials and are looking to organize everything in one place where your customers can easily access all information and materials. This can be done via all types of devices including smartphones, desktops and tablets.









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“NoTriangle has provided visualization support on 3 projects for me over this year. On each one of these, they have consistently delivered accurate representations of all the briefs given to them, and very successfully filled in the gaps where it has been necessary. They are also able to ‘get’ the vision and translate this, and all their experience within architecture and the visualization fields means that they can react quickly and accurately. My clients were blown away by their work, and the speed in turnaround too – very efficient service, great communication, and just a top calibre remote service to use. NoTriangle is my ‘go to’ for visualization and animation needs….you are in the best possible hands!”
Jon MeadeDesign Director, Truspace
Some of the best 3D work I’ve ever seen! I worked with NoTriangle over the last six months on two separate projects and was blown away by the incredible 3D rendering work Lukas and his team produced. They were able to help bring our concepts to life and work against our tight deadlines. Communication via e-mail and skype was always timely, clear, and professional. I can’t recommend NoTriangle and their 3D services enough and look forward to working together with them whenever I need 3D work done in the future.
Isabella GiancarloBrand Strategist & Project Manager, Love & War
I had a pleasure of working with the NoTriangle team on a property in San Francisco. Over my 15+ years career in real estate marketing, I worked with a lot of rendering companies. In most cases, it’s a long cumbersome process with uncertain results. Make no mistake, the success of every project is only as good as the quality of renderings. With NoTriangle, the process was effortless, the team was responsive and extremely helpful in meeting critical deadlines. The renderings are stunning and visually-striking! I highly recommend this team to anyone for incredible quality and amazing customer service.
Camilla PapaleFounder, Madison Avenue Creative Inc.
Our studio had the pleasure to work with NoTriangle for a few renders for one of our studio’s new residential homes. When looking for a rendering consultant there are many qualified companies to choose from, so the question comes up on how do you choose the right fit? For us, NoTriangle caught our eye as they projected a vision that directly resonated with the “style” of our studio. Working with the NoTriangle’s team was effortless and easy. Our vision was constantly aligned and we ended up with beautiful graphic renders. We were very happy with our finished deliverable and would be eager to use their team again in the future.”
Kevin KlassmanDesign, Laney LA inc.


Solid Process – With Over 7 years of experience on the market, our rendering firm has developed a process that is easy for our clients to follow, is fast, and guarantees good and predictable results.

Communication – We take pride in being one of the best architectural rendering companies when it comes to communication. We pay great attention to your needs and make sure to ask the right questions so that we can fully understand what you’re looking to achieve. We believe that it’s essential to avoid any miscommunications, and the best way to do this is getting a thorough understanding of what you’re looking for at the start of the process.

Organization – Fully outsource 3d rendering work and don’t worry about having to micromanage anything, whilst our project managers will show you how things your project can be brought to life in the most effective way. 

Flexibility & Customization  – Whilst it’s important to follow our step-by-step process, there are some cases where we can make small adjustments to our process in order to adapt to your specific needs. We can also easily increase our capacity if you’re needing to get multiple projects done at the same time.

Intelligent Pricing –  Whilst many of our products have flat fees, we always try to find a way to help you save costs by suggesting packages or working with a higher volume of images. 

Working worldwide – it doesn’t matter where you are as we can operate in any part of the planet. We also have a large base of contacts of local companies around the world (photographers, drone operators, printing companies etc.) which often play a key role in real estate marketing.

 Understanding of Marketing – We know what grabs people’s attention and what impact different elements of visual content can have on a buyer’s perception. If you’re a professional marketer, you can sit back and relax whilst we make your life easy. For those of you who aren’t marketers, we can help guide you and show you how professional marketing visual content can make a difference.

Our team is composed of architects, project managers, 3D artists, modelers and sales & communication specialists. With our 7+ years of experience, we have worked on a large spectrum of projects spanning from small residential houses to large scale business districts. Moreover, we have executed work in almost every single continent and have worked with small architectural firms as well firms who are amongst the ten largest global architectural firms.


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As one of the best architectural visualization studios in the market we pay a tremendous amount of attention to the details. With our expertise in producing 3D visualization stories, our meticulousness to small details and an exceptional customer experience, our 3d Rendering studio is able to create exceptional visuals that allow our clients to harness the full potential of marketing new construction developments .

We are constantly optimizing our 3D rendering, animation and virtual reality techniques to ensure that the best 3D visualizer techniques can be used to their fullest in the realm of luxury real estate marketing. Since the inauguration of our 3D architectural visualization company in 2013, we have worked on several projects all over the globe, including:

–Luxury Four Seasons Holiday Resorts in various parts of the Caribbean
– Townhome Developments in the Greater Vancouver Area
– Luxury condos and Penthouse Apartments in Manhattan, Tribeca & Brooklyn, New York City
– Audi Brand Pavilions in Europe & North America
– Large Scale Business Districts in Latin America
– Burberry boutiques in the West End of London
– Trove Luxury auto storage condo in Vancouver
-Los Angeles Style Modern Residential projects in Beverly Hills & Hollywood
– HNTB’s winning concept for the 6th Street Viaduct in Los Angeles
– La Centrale – Miami’s premier Italian food hall in Brickell City Centre, Miami, Florida
– Four Seasons Luxury Holiday Resort in Antigua

  • Secret Bay Hotel & Resort in Dominica

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Is It Possible To Carry Out My Project Without Meeting Personally?

Yes, like several 3d visualization companies, we are fully prepared to work with our clients online and are using several tools that facilitate communication to make our meetings as close as possible to being in person without you having to leave your office. We also offer IT support for our clients to set up any online tools that we use during our workflow so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Is It Possible To Make Reservations Ahead Of Time?

Yes, this is ideal, as it allows us to have the ability to wrap up your project in less time.

Do you offer any other products besides renderings and animations?

As one of the top 3d rendering companies on the market, we are able to provide you with all the marketing materials that you might need for your project. The renderings are only the beginning and are an essential marketing tool that every project needs. We can also create animations and marketing videos, virtual reality real estate tours  and floors plans. If you want to take things a step further, we can design and create a website/app for your project, prepare print material and create interactive presentations for your meetings and showrooms that can be fully integrated with online sales tools. We are up to date with the newest trends in the real estate market and we can deliver all solutions that you may need to assist you on the marketing of your projects. For more information on the different types of services we offer, please visit our services page. 

Where is your Company Based?

NoTriangle Studio is a fully online 3d rendering firm meaning that every communicational aspect of your project is done via email, phone, and online platforms such as Skype, Zoom and Google Hangouts. Despite our company being fully online, we do have offices, with our main office being based in São Paulo, Brazil. As well as this, we have a small team working in our San Francisco based office. 

What Do I Need To Start?

First of all we need your project to be delivered to us as a native file from the program that you used to create i.e. AutoCAD, SketchUp, Revit etc. Moreover, we will need to define the scope of work and find out whether you’re looking for still images, 3D animations or products such as floor plans, virtual reality tours or applications. Our managers will inform you if there’s anything else that we’ll need to get started on your project.

Do You Only Work On Projects That Are Finalized Or Can You Help To Develop A Design Before Creating Marketing Materials?

Usually our clients provide us with a finalized design, however, our team is composed of trained architects and we do offer the option to help develop and finalize your designs.  This process typically consists of going through a few different design rounds before moving on to preparing the final marketing material for your project. We can help you right from the start of the design process in case you`re looking for a team to assist you from start to finish.

I Still Don’t Know What Kind Of Marketing Material I Will Need. Can You Suggest Something?

Yes, after doing a briefing with you and learning more about your project we can suggest a scope based on our experience with other clients with similar projects in similar locations. We will advise you on what materials may provide the best solution for your marketing needs as well as making sure that you`re getting the best value within your budget.


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