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4 Keys to Maximizing Quality


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Architectural rendering services are no exception when it comes to having the need to deliver a top-notch service and work under tight deadlines. Losing track of projects, finding yourself running behind schedule and panicking last minute are all things that can be avoided, and there are number of actions that all parties involved can take in order to make sure that a exterior, interior design rendering or architectural animation project runs smoothly. Let’s take a look at what a 3d rendering studio should do in order to maximise this.


If you want your 3d architectural rendering services to be successful, then it’s vital that your turnaround time is competitive. With constant pressure and fast working pace the norm in today’s market, it’s important to have a streamlined process that allows the creation of high quality renderings whilst optimizing turnaround time.

Hard deadlines have become what is expected of architectural rendering services. This is why it’s more effective to work with a 3D rendering company that operates fast turnarounds and replies to your messages quickly. Moreover, with luxury real estate marketing clients demanding tighter and tighter deadlines, you should always think about maintaining an in-house team dedicated to the fast and efficient turnaround of these project types. This way it is easier to monitor work in progress and makes it possible to catch mistakes early on, and make decisions on the fly, which is sometimes difficult when using freelancers working remotely.

The more the distance, the harder it can be to control the effectiveness of work, which is why there is the need for clear procedures of management. As you can see, successful cooperation with a rendering firm can heavily depend on its approach to project management. Let’s discuss different options and find out what can suit you best.


When clients choose a 3D architectural rendering company as a long-term partner for fruitful cooperation, they will pay attention, not only to pricing, but also to communication, and management. They want to be sure that they will be receiving impressive photorealistic renderings, where comfortable information flow and effective coordination of projects is your speciality.

In order to achieve this goal with the client, it is first vital that organization and information flow is optimized internally. Effective teamwork via good communication between every member of the creative and management team is at the core of every successful architectural visualization studio. To aid in this, the use of a powerful integrated communication platform is essential so that all information about a specific project can be kept in one place and referred to at any time by any member of the project team. Slack is one of the most popular platforms offering dedicated chat rooms or channels organized by topic or project and direct messaging for private communication between team members. All content inside Slack is searchable, including files, conversations, and people. This eliminates the dependence on fragmented communication and separate sources for project information and instead brings everything together in one clear and accessible digital space.

The next step in perfecting the process involves the 3D rendering studio’s management and creative team getting on the same page when it comes to promising deadlines to clients. A project schedule outlining, in detail, the specifics of each step of the exterior or interior design rendering process, specifying exactly when the client will receive key deliverables is essential for this.

A well-developed project management system that uses technology to take into account the uniqueness of 3D rendering services shows that the rendering firm is professional, experienced in working with different kinds of projects, and client-oriented. is one such flexible project management tool which allows you to organise all elements of a given rendering or architectural animation project into separate phases, give those phases defined turnaround times, assign responsibilities to members of your management team and 3D artists, setup project milestones and update statuses, to ensure the project timeline is kept to.

Creating and sharing a project schedule with your client can also help transform the process by adding two-way accountability from the very beginning, with clear deliverable milestones outlined by the client, and turnaround times for feedback, outlined by the visualization studio

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An effective client feedback process is the key ingredient to delivering architectural rendering services that exceed your client’s expectations. This isn’t always clear to clients that lack experience and may think that, as a 3d rendering company, you`re able to create mind-blowing 3d renders with just a sketchup file and a few emails. If only it were that simple. Because of this, it’s absolutely vital that you highlight the importance of following your feedback process on all stages of the architectural renders at the very outset. Having all on the same page when it comes to feedback helps to avoid the potential pitfalls of client dissatisfaction when your real estate renderings aren’t how the client imagined as they were produced off the back of vague comments, poor reference, and overall lack of clarity in the process. Constantly highlighting the importance of clear and rapid feedback is the best way to avoid such mistakes and guarantee 3d architectural rendering services that meet your clients’ expectations.

Innovative collaborative tools and technology are making it easier than ever to knock down certain barriers between the luxury real estate marketing sector and 3D architectural rendering services they depend on. Review Studio is a leading collaborative online proofing platform for managing creative review, perfect to manage the progress of architectural renders. It provides an easy visual interface to view, markup and approve still renderings, architectural animations, and PDF files. Review Studio’s unique combination of easy to use markup tools and advanced real-time collaboration capabilities helps creative teams deliver top quality content on time and on budget.

The most important aspect is that it’s designed to support all the ways in which creative professionals and teams naturally collaborate online during a project. As a rendering firm, you have the flexibility to share content and collect feedback from your clients independently or to get online with any number of people to follow up or review content together. In all cases, Review Studio organizes the feedback and makes it easy for as a rendering company and your clients alike to track and reference as your project progresses.

Before starting a project, and even as part of your pitch, inform your client that as part of your client services, you’ll be offering them an advanced web-based system for tracking content reviews and approvals as the project progresses, listing some of the benefits they stand to gain as a result.


As an expert and enthusiast of render services it might be easy to forget sometimes that clients such as luxury real estate marketing agencies might not share the same levels of interest and patience about the 3D process as you. In general, it’s best to err on the side of caution and explain a little on how the process of creating photorealistic renderings works to new clients outlining from the outset what is possible and what isn’t, based on the available budget and deadline.

This way, you won`t end up frustrated when your client doesn`t understand why you aren’t able to deliver new updated photorealistic renders the next day when a myriad of changes to the architectural model, and camera angles were only just received. Many clients aren’t aware of the large amount of work and consumption of time that is involved in making such changes, so it’s important that such essential information is made clear to the client early on.

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At the beginning of any new 3D Architectural Rendering project the best thing you can do is clearly set out exactly what reference materials are needed from the client in order to get started on a project. A material checklist listing basics such as CAD drawings or sketchup model, which are essential for the initial modelling phase of a project, needs to be made available to the client at the earliest possible stage. It is also useful to include what further materials will be needed to move ahead with and complete the project so that the client has time to request and provide you with essential reference photos for materials and landscaping, for example.

Laying out everything clearly like this at the beginning of project, making sure the client understands the process, and what is needed from them at different stages, helps things run smoothly and guarantee top quality 3d architectural rendering services. This helps to minimize potential delays in waiting for materials. However, If outdated material is rushed to the archviz studio just to get the project moving in the knowledge that updated CAD drawings will arrive soon, for example, then this can cause disaster for turnaround times costing time and money for both parties investing in things that will need to be changed at a later stage. So it is important that the client understands this too also. Turnaround time depends on the availability, rapid delivery, and also the quality of these project materials and you need to make your client aware of all of this. Guidance, especially for inexperienced clients, needs to be given on what type of materials they need to provide and like everything, clear communication, professionalism and attention to detail is key at making this a success.

As you can see, there are many different things that a 3D rendering studio can do in order to deliver top-notch 3d architectural rendering services, all of which have an important role. Despite this, the client also has a huge role to play in guaranteeing the success in a project to the extent that their lack of organization could create huge obstacles, even if the 3d visualization studio manages to follow all of the guidelines above.