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A New Cutting-Edge Type of Renderings


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In luxury real estate marketing, keep on top of trends is a must, especially when it comes to capturing your prospects’ attention visually. With this in mind, a new type of 3d architectural rendering, called motion still, may just do the trick. Motion-still real estate renderings aren’t the most well known tool when it comes to luxury real estate marketing, but are a great fit for developers and marketers who are trying to market and sell a property in an effective way whilst avoiding the higher prices of VR real estate tours and architectural animation services.

A motion still image is essential a single photorealistic rendering with certain animated elements that are being used in a looping video-style format to help showcase a property and it’s features, and could be defined as a halfway house between architectural renderings and a full-blown architectural animation. Here’s how they can help real-estate developers and marketers.


According to a study by Microsoft, the average person’s attention span has decreased from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to 8 seconds in 2018. Constant notifications, posts, alerts and adverts appearing from all corners are a symptom of the fact that we live in an attention based economy, where there’s been more information flowing around than ever before. This means that grabbing and maintaining people’s attention is an essential skill in itself, and is one that those in the real-estate industry need to constantly develop and hone in order to remain successful.

Architectural animations are the perfect tool to help in this, with spectacular, emotional, film-like video being extremely effective at winning over clients. But quality animations are tools that take an architectural rendering company time to produce, and require high levels of preparation along with a hefty budget. However, there’s another option out there – motion still real estate renderings. These, although not full animations, are still able to create that emotional impact and sustain a client’s attention due to a combination of animated content, changing effects, and sound all playing their part.

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The main benefit of working with an arch-viz studio on motion still architectural renders is financial. If you don’t have the budget to invest in full-blown film-like 3d animations, but want to offer something different and showcase your projects in the best possible light, then motion still renderings could be a good option.  

In terms of Pricing, motion still images work in a different way to animations. For a full blown, film like animation of 30 seconds, a total of of 900 fully rendered frames will need to be produced, which as you can probably guess, takes time, effort and cash.

However, for motion still architectural renders, only one full frame needs to be rendered with smaller animated elements added or overlayed on top. These can be short animated renderings of say the surface of water rippling, trees gently blowing in the breeze, and so on, or can be video editing techniques of slow zooming, panning, DoF effects, or a combination of the both. The beauty of this overlaying process means that motion stills have the ability to be looped seamlessly so that a produced 5 second-sequence can be kept playing for far longer, easily for 30 seconds, and yet will still maintain interest and attention if done well. These dynamic images are henceforth a powerful luxury real estate marketing tool as they help to engage the buyer more for the best price possible.


The pricing of a photorealistic animation may sound steep when you get a quote back from a 3D rendering company, but it’s a fraction of the value of the property, whilst the impact it has on your sales and marketing campaign is enormous. Nonetheless, on luxury real estate marketing projects with tight budgets, motion still images are still able to immerse and engage potential buyers and investors to a larger extent, when compared to standard render services, and at the same time will not break the bank. Another option to help save on cash is by blending both architectural animations and motion still renderings to create a longer video that won’t take as much effort or work as a fully-blown animation.

As with all 3d rendering services, quality & photorealism is king – meaning that a high-quality motion-still rendered video, that people can’t tell apart from real footage, is still going to have a greater impact on your audience than a mediocre quality 3D animation.