The Benefits of 3d Interior Design Rendering Services



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The 3d visualization industry is booming, and has now become an indispensable real estate marketing material to help developers sell more luxury properties. In fact, the global visualization and 3D architectural rendering software market size is expected to reach $2.92 billion by 2022, nearly triple the amount in 2017. 3D Rendering technology has advanced so much that viewers aren’t even able to tell a 3d rendering from a photo in many cases. 3D architectural renderings have become a popular selling tool going beyond 2D drawings and floor plans to give buyers a photo-quality image of the home before it exists. They help sell properties by showing luxury buyers that their high expectations will be met. As well as being used by real estate developers and real estate marketing agencies as a real estate marketing tool are being increasingly implemented by architects and interior designers to optimize their services and grow their businesses. Here’s how they can be of benefit.



One of the main benefits of 3d rendering interior design services is in their value as a communication tool. Successfully conveying your ideas to your clients can be a challenging experience, especially when they have little knowledge or experience in architecture, or design of interior spaces. Your vision is 100% clear in your mind, but when you attempt to explain this to your client, there’s a big chance that you’re struggling to get them on the same page. The sketches, moodboards and pamphlets are of some assistance, but for the amount of time and effort that you’ve put into them, they still don’t seem to be able to convince your client. This is where 3d interior rendering services come in. Without having to explain in length, risk misunderstanding, or rely on the client’s imagination, 3d rendering interior design services are able depict yours and the clients ideas instantly in a powerful way, help create a sense of space and portray the atmosphere and the feel of interior spaces with ease. Whilst a 2D picture is worth a thousand words, interior design 3D renderings can be used as translation tools to bring interior spaces alive in the imagination of the buyer, thereby transcending words for a deeper emotional connection that can be the big difference in selling an interior design idea or not.


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As well as being limited in terms of effectiveness, items such as moodboards, illustrations, pamphlets and models can also very time consuming to produce compared to using external 3d rendering services. Having to re-do illustrations because the client wants to opt for a different shade of wallpaper and carpet design, is a very ineffective use of time, which can cause the initial design process to become increasingly frustrating for both designer and client. This can become even worse at advanced stages of a project when time pressures increase and something still isn’t to a client’s liking. Utilising these rigid forms of design exploration, presentation and iteration inevitably lead to extra costs, delays, missed milestones and a broken design process. As making changes can be made very quickly with software such as 3ds Studio Max, interior design rendering services can avoid this, as the ability to change details without having to remake a scale model or an artist’s impression of an apartment, means that the project can run smoother, faster, provide more flexibility, offer more design options to the client, and at the same time reduce associated costs.


The fact that making small changes is far quicker and more efficient with 3d rendering interior design services means that as an interior designer, you are better able to deliver custom-built designs for your clients that are specifically tailored to their requirements. Not only does this enhance the company-client relationship, a key factor to the success of every business, but it also increases the value of your services as a whole, improving your business reputation and allowing you to market your services as tailored luxury.