Hotel Rendering
Transforming Your Abilities as an Architect in Hospitality

Hotel Rendering - Lobby Area

When it comes to hotel design, architects have challenges they must face and overcome, especially when this involves getting your design approved or selected over other architects. One particular challenge for designing hotels is finding a way to win people over, and more notably, persuading potential investors and stakeholders. This means that it’s absolutely vital to show them your design in a visually impressive way, whilst also allowing them to see its functionality and how it meets their business and financial goals. To achieve this, visuals are absolutely essential, and they do a far more effective job than any other tool when it comes to meeting the above mentioned goals. This is where hotel rendering services come into play.

Impressing with Your Design with Hotel Renderings

It’s no mystery that visuals play a key role when it comes to pitching your design as an architect, which means that they have a huge impact on stakeholders’ first impressions. And as we know,  strong first impressions have a big impact on people’s decisions, with hotel stakeholders being no exception. This is where hotel renderings come in handy, as they allow these key decision makers to see your design in a spectacular fashion through a 3d architectural rendering that in many instances looks better than a photo itself. Whether you’re trying to show how your design meets the business needs of your clients, or how it fits in with the branding of the hotel, hotel renderings are your best bet to help you meet these needs.

Hotel Bar Rendering - Los Angeles

Showing How the Hotel blends in with the Local Environment

CGI images can do a great job at showing how a hotel fits into its natural environment, which is especially useful for getting planning permission, as well as giving stakeholders an idea of what their guests would experience if they stayed at their hotel. This is even more important in the case of holiday resorts, as selling the surrounding/natural environment is often a dealmaker when it comes to visitors selecting a particular hotel to stay at. There are two ways that this can be done in 3d. Firstly, the surrounding area can be created in 3D, meaning that the vegetation, landscape and surrounding elements are created in 3D to look like a photo. The 2nd, more cost effective option, is to blend the rendering with drone footage, which also allows for more photorealistic results. Whatever option you choose, you can be sure that the result will be very effective at helping you convey your business idea.

Showing the Leisure areas of a Hotel

When it comes to selecting a hotel for you to stay, there’s no doubt that having a nice swimming pool, spa and rooftop area can have a big impact on your choice, which, in business terms, means that these areas offer large potential, thus being important when presenting to investors/stakeholders who are evaluating the selling potential of a particular hotel design.In simpler terms, having an impressive design of a swimming pool or rooftop area can really be a smart idea if you want to get investors on your side 

Hotel Reception - 3D Rendering - Hala Kahiki, Hawaii

Showcase the Rooms with Hotel Room Rendering

Another important thing in a customer’s eyes is the design of the hotel room they’re choosing to stay in. If the design of the room is forgettable, there’s a decent chance that potential clients won’t be easily seduced by the prospect of staying in your hotel, resulting in lost potential business. On the other hand, if your room design is impressive, you can justify higher prices and increase the chances that customers will choose your hotel over other local ones. Just as renderings of leisure areas and win over investments, having an impressive hotel room design displayed through the form of a photorealistic hotel room rendering can do wonders when it comes to stakeholders choosing your design and getting approval for the project to go forward itself.