Architectural 3D Rendering
Freelancer vs 3d Rendering Companies – Part 2


Hotel Lobby in Los Angeles - 3d Visualization

After seeing the pros and cons of working with freelancers on architectural rendering projects, it’s time to take a look at how 3D rendering companies measure up.

3D Rendering Companies – Pros

PROFESSIONALISM – If you’re working with a decent rendering company, chances are that you’ll be getting a top quality service which, in the best cases, will be specifically tailored to your needs. You’ll likely have your own project manager accompanying you throughout the project and will be receiving project milestone deliveries in a timely and organized fashion. As experts in the field, 3D rendering companies will not just follow your instructions, but will be able to offer expert guidance and instruct you on how to portray your architectural design project in the best possible light and make it a work of art.

COMMUNICATION– Provided that you’ve found the right 3d rendering studio to partner with, chances are that communication will be excellent and there will be zero barriers when it comes to freely communicating your ideas. A good visualization studio will be able to respond rapidly to any questions or doubts via email, phone and other platforms and will able to truly understand your needs so that your visions are successfully transformed into real estate graphics.

VERSATILITY – One of the benefits of working with 3d rendering companies is that they are able to carry out the whole 3D Viz process from start to finish. Working with freelancers often means breaking up your project into different steps, each one often requiring a different freelancer with the appropriate skill set and suitable experience. First there’s the 3D modelling, then the rendering work and then post-production, and if you want to get your project animated, you’ll have to then pass it on to another freelancer or studio. Real-estate developers and marketers have busy lives, and chasing and managing freelancers really isn’t the most effective way of managing time. With 3D rendering companies this problem is avoided completely as your project is taken care of from start to finish without you having to split up the various parts and organize deliveries between multiple freelancers.

Hotel - Night time

ACCURACY – Due to their expertise in the field and streamlined process, 3d rendering companies are specialists in grasping your vision and turning this into stunning 3D imagery taking care of all the important details. The team including, project managers, art directors, and technical directors also ensure, quality control and accuracy in dealing with feedback and delivery a realistic 3D render. It can be difficult for a single freelancer to replicate the level of accuracy required on anything but the smallest of projects. Communication also plays a vital part in the process, which studios are specialists in, and freelance 3D artists aren’t always able to deliver on.

3d Rendering Companies – Cons

AVAILABILITY- As in the case of any company, a rendering firm will typically only be contactable during 9-5 business hours, meaning that if you have any urgent doubts at 10 PM at night you’ll likely have to wait until the next day. As they work in a structured and organized environment, don’t expect them to be able to pull-off an all nighter in order to deliver your home rendering or architectural animation.

PRICING – When it comes to 3D Rendering cost, an architectural rendering company will tend to be more expensive than freelancers, but you have to figure out how important saving a few hundred dollars is opposed to having a stress free working relationship, organization, professional guidance, excellent communication and highly photorealistic representations of your visions. If these aren’t priorities for you, then maybe a freelancer would be more suitable, but if you’re working on a development worth hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars, chances are that you’d be better off going with a high end visualization studio.