How to Reduce the Cost of Real Estate Renderings : Part 1



Real Estate Renderings- Bar Concept


Real Estate Renderings & their costs – It’s hard to give a one size fits all approach when it comes to giving pricing for render services, and crafting a quote for an exterior rendering, interior design rendering or architectural animation is something that takes good knowledge of the project itself. Creating quality photorealistic renderings isn’t as simple as just getting any old sketchup model and clicking on a ‘render` button. It’s something that requires patience, attention to detail, and lots of preparation, meaning that many factors come into play when evaluating pricing. Prices can range from a few hundred dollars to the thousands, so it’s worth knowing exactly what factors influence this luxury real estate marketing service.



In order to produce 3d photorealistic rendering, a 3D world has to be created in order to show the whole area of what will be visible both directly and indirectly in the project. This all starts with 3D modelling in order to build the foundations of the project. 3D modelling could be compared to building the foundations and outer shell of a property during construction – it may not be the most beautiful section of the house, but is absolutely essential in order to deliver an outstanding final result.

The amount of “3D world” that has to be created depends on what will be shown in a particular image. If just an interior of a bedroom will be shown in the image, then the level of preparation will be lower, but if a 20 Story Luxury Apartment Block needs to be rendered then that’s a lot more “foundation” that needs to created during the modelling stage, meaning that more time and money is required to create the real estate renderings.



As mentioned in the previous section, a 3D world starting with modelling of the environment has to be created by the architectural rendering company in order to produce photorealistic renderings. Often the same amount of modelling would have to be done for one exterior rendering of a property as would have to be done in the case of two or three exterior renderings of similar angles. Just like building the foundations of a house, modelling a project in 3D is time consuming and has associated costs, meaning that doing all of this work in preparing an entire 3D environment for just one 3d architectural rendering can be costly in how it works out. As the preparation has already been done, getting extra images of similar angles of a property can lead to lower prices as the rendering company can re-use the same environment to create new renderings at a lower price.

Sounds a little complicated, but the main point to take away from this is that more images = lower price per image.



The need of accurately reproduced surroundings can be another area that has a significant impact on pricing of real estate renderings. Let’s imagine that a client is working on a project of a penthouse that overlooks the skyline of Manhattan and wants to have the surrounding buildings rendered in order to show the view as it will appear in a few years time.This requires high amounts of preparation as a 3D rendering studio will have to create a 3D world of the surrounding buildings from scratch, which as mentioned before, can increase costs substantially. The same applies for renderings that need to show entire holiday resorts, large neighborhoods or complete business districts.

One way of significantly making architectural rendering services cheaper is by use of high quality site photos so that vast 3D environments need not be created in the first place. Getting a quality professional photographer to take some photos of the view and surrounding areas will make all the difference when it comes to seamlessly blending the background together with the architectural renderings. Not only will this look more photorealistic than rendering the whole area, but will also avoid the costs of having to create everything in 3D.




When in comes to 3d rendering services, photorealism comes in details, meaning that in order to create a rendering that you can’t tell apart from a photo, it’s necessary to spend lots of time on fine tuning the small details. Just like a masterpiece painting isn’t done in a few minutes, creating photorealistic renderings or a high quality architectural animation takes time. 3D renderings can be made quickly and at low costs, but they won’t look photorealistic so bear this in mind if you’re looking for mind-blowing 3D material and expecting it to be done on a shoestring budget or in a couple of days.

As you can see, there are several factors that can impact the pricing of real estate renderings right from the get go. But you’ll be glad to hear that there’s even more ways to reduce this cost once a project has already started. The second part of the series – “how to reduce the cost of architectural rendering as an architect/marketing agency – part 2.” will show you how to do this