Architectural 3d Rendering
Freelancer vs Rendering Firm : Part 1



Architectural 3d Rendering - Caribbean

Another tough question that a lot of people working in the archviz and real estate marketing industries face is whether 3d architectural renderings should be done with hired freelancers or a 3d rendering company, and unsurprisingly, there are pros and cons for both. Let’s start with the benefits of working with a 3d freelancer on your 3d projects.


3D Freelancers – Pros


PRICING – When it comes to pricing of architectural 3d rendering work, freelancers win every time. It’s no secret that you can get renders services at very low prices with freelancers registered on websites such as People per Hour & Easy Render, as well as by searching and test out different artists on platforms such as Behance. As many of these freelancers work for themselves, you’ll find that some of them may be open to negotiations when it comes to pricing.


EASY TO FIND – Finding freelance 3d artists to work on your architectural 3d rendering project isn’t that much of challenge. For Behance, all it takes is sending a few messages to different artists via their online messaging system or via email, and in the case of Easy Render, you just need to submit a project briefing, budget and wait for a few days for the bids to arrive.


AVAILABILITY – Whilst a 3d viz company may be restricted by business hours, Freelancers are more likely to be able to work on your project outside office hours if you have tight deadlines that need to be met. Same goes for weekends. If you have an urgent situation and need to get architectural renders done for the next day, there’s a higher threshold for negotiation with freelancers who may be able to work overnight.


Scandinavian Apartment - 3D Interior Rendering


3D Freelancers – Cons


NO GUARANTEE OF QUALITY – Whilst there are plenty of incredible 3d freelancers out there, there’s also a risk that the freelancer isn’t going to be able deliver on the quality that was promised at the beginning of a project when you send over the architectural design plans. With this is mind, it’s worth being cautious when hiring freelancers for 3d rendering services and making sure that they are 100% capable of delivering what you need before starting a project.


ORGANIZATION – As freelancer’s are usually a one man team, there might not be an organized, streamlined architectural 3d rendering process as in the case of many visualization studios, meaning that close guidance, keeping a close check on progress and very detailed instructions may be very important in order to carry out a successful project. This means that management in terms of time & cost will be extremely high. Also, don’t expect the turnaround time of the render services to be rapid if there’s only one artist carrying out that 5 image project for you.


LIMITED TECHNICAL CAPABILITY – Although many freelancers are excellent 3d artists, they may be limited in terms of equipment, with the main concern being the speed of rendering your project. The speed at which a studio is able to create a 3d architectural renderings or an architectural animation depends on render farm capabilities, which is essentially a cluster of high-speed computers which are used in order to create CGI. With Freelancer’s typically only having access to one or two computers, don’t expect them to be able to deliver multiple high quality renderings or a 3 minute animation in a couple of days.


NO CONTRACT – Whilst the simpleness of being able to just find someone on Behance, send them over some money and get back a photorealistic image is tempting, there’s a very high risk involved. 3d freelancers will often require an upfront payment, and whilst some will be able to deliver on their promises, many come up short meaning that you’ll have left an upfront payment on an image that ended up differently to how you expected, with no guarantee of getting a refund on the 3d rendering services.