What Type of 3d Visualization Service to Invest in?
Photorealistic Animation vs VR : Part 2



Photorealistic Animation Services

After looking at the pros and cons of 3d rendering services when it comes to the questions of which type of 3d architectural visualization service to invest in, let’s start at looking at the cons of architectural animations.


PRICING –  If you want a mind blowing photorealistic animation from a 3d rendering company, then don’t expect to get it on the cheap. Pricing depends on the quality and length you’re going for and costs are significantly higher than that of real estate renderings . For those of you on a tight budget, a middle of the road option could be “motion still renderings”, which this article goes on to explain in more detail.

TURNAROUND TIME – just like creating a spectacular movie takes much preparation and time, a top quality photorealistic animation is something that can take a while to produce. It won’t take as long as the Lord of The Rings trilogy, but don’t expect a movie like animation in just a couple of weeks.

MAKING CHANGES – Just as in the case of 3d rendering services, making changes to elements in an architectural animation isn’t as simple as just pressing a few buttons, it’s a lengthy and time-consuming process. Even small changes to architectural details, furniture, lighting and so on.. can require re-rendering large parts, or even the whole animation! So it’s extremely important that you choose the right 3d rendering studio with the right experience and expertise to make sure everything’s well planned out, tested and approved through a tried and tested process so that you get the top notch photorealistic animation you’re after.




IMMERSION – A virtual reality real estate tour made by an architectural rendering company is king when it comes to immersion and WOWING your clients. Using the film example to draw a parallel once again, if real estate 3d renderings are equivalent to a set of photos and 3D architectural animations to a trailer, virtual reality real estate tours offer another dimension altogether actually allowing you to enter the film itself to take part in the action. VR Real Estate Technology’s power as a real-estate marketing tool is unparalleled, and it’s something that people should be taking more seriously.

STAND OUT FROM COMPETITORS – the fact that some know little and are still skeptical of whether VR real estate tours are worth the investment is something that you can use to your advantage. Whether you believe it or not, VR Real estate technology is revolutionizing property marketing, and those who move now to make the most out of this cutting edge tool are going to be the long term winners.

CUSTOMIZATION – the beauty of getting a VR real estate tour done with a 3d rendering company is that you can tailor the whole tour so it represents and showcases your brand in the most effective way possible. Give the client the power to customize a home to their exact liking by allowing them the ability to change furniture and finishes at the click of a button. Add a rendered floorplan, maps, a fully customized UI design, and add integrated website and e-commerce links so that you can take your brand exposure to a whole new level.




PRICING –  Once again, the most powerful tools out there don’t come cheap. Prices can depend on the type of VR real estate tour that you’re looking for, whether that’s a 360 Virtual tour (read the article for more detail) or a full blown Real Time tour. Whatever the case, they’re still much better value than having to invest in constructing a model home.

TURNAROUND TIME – Just like in the case of an photorealistic animation, top quality real time VR tours take time to produce. If time is an issue then opting for a less expansive but no less impressive 360 VR tour may be the way to go.

PROGRAMMING – Being able to customize furniture and add other interactive features isn’t something that just happens, it needs careful programming in order to make the tour fully interactive, requiring extra time and funds.

SUPPORTED DEVICES – Whilst 360 VR tours can be used on any smartphone with a Gyroscope, the quality & effectiveness will depend on the screen resolution, with 2000 pixels being necessary in order to showcase the tour at its full potential. The same goes for VR headsets, a Samsung Gear or Daydream Google headset will be better than using your run of the mill smartphone in cardboard VR headset. In the case of using a fully immersive real-time VR real estate tour, investing in proper equipment is essential to show it in all its glory.


The Winner

At the end of the day there’s can be no outright champion. 3D architectural renderings, architectural animations and Virtual Reality real estate tours, all offer something different and it all depends on your needs and budget in your specific case, as there are so many factors in play. Get in touch with a 3D rendering studio with project details and let the experts recommend which one of the 3 would be the best in your case.