What Type of 3d Architectural Visualization Service to Invest in? : Part 1



3d architectural visualization - carribean


3d architectural visualization services – This blog post is a 3D Architectural Visualization showdown between the 3 most popular types of 3D graphics outputs, namely 3d architectural renderings, architectural animations, and VR real estate technology. Here’s where we’re going to lay out the pros and cons of each one to give you a better idea of which type best suits your specific needs. First up, 3d rendering services.




The most widely used 3D Architectural visualization tool out there, 3D architectural renderings are being used extensively by real estate developers, interior designers, marketing agencies and architects all over the world to showcase their work in the best possible light, and there’s a good reason for this.


PRICING – With price ranges that fit into everyone’s budget, render services can range from a few hundred dollars per image to the thousands, meaning that there’s something out there for everyone’s needs in terms of quality and expectations.

TURNAROUND TIME – Compared to constructing a property, creating accurate and top quality real estate renderings is a fairly speedy process provided the right 3D arch-viz studio is chosen to do the job and clear and detailed feedback is given throughout the process by the client.  If everything runs smoothly, you should have your finished top notch photorealistic renderings in a few weeks.

VERSATILITY OF USE – As photorealistic renders are essentially 2D images generated of the 3D model, you can use them in the same places that you would share a normal photo. Add them to your website, post on them instagram, attach them via email to sales prospects and even hang them up on your bedroom wall if you want to.



IMMERSION LEVELS –  though 3D architectural renderings have a very strong wow-factor on potential buyers, especially if they’re photorealistic, they won’t be as powerful as other 3d architectural visualization tools, such as a photorealistic animation or a VR real estate tour, which we’ll go on to cover later.

FINDING THE RIGHT ARCHVIZ STUDIO – When it comes to architectural renderings, cheaper doesn’t equate to better value, and the higher the pricing, generally the higher the quality, customer services and accurate interpretation of your visions will be. Finding a studio to do architectural renders is easy, but finding the right one who can meet your specific needs is much more of a challenge.





ENHANCED IMPACT – Animations done by an architectural rendering company are essentially real estate renderings on steroids. Their emotional impact is higher, they’re better at grabbing and maintaining clients’ attention, and their power as a real-estate marketing tool is higher. It’s like comparing a set of photos of an upcoming film as opposed to full blown trailer. If done correctly, architectural animations have the power to WOW on a whole other level.


VERSATILITY OF USE – Just like in the case of architectural renders, you can use a photorealistic animation just as if it were a video. You can share it via Instagram, Vimeo, Youtube or any number of social media platforms, meaning it’s versatility as a marketing tool is very high indeed.


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