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3D animations are an extremely powerful marketing tool for the real estate industry. With ever increasing improvements in 3D visualization technology,  architectural animation services are being implemented by tech-savvy real estate developers, marketers and architects to maximise their chances of pre-selling property, winning over their clients and expanding their businesses. Here’s how they do so.




Photorealistic renderings are a powerful marketing tool when it comes to real estate, as they are able to accurately depict what a property will look like long before it exists, increasing the success of pre-selling property such as luxury condos, securing investments/loans and helping to overcome any obstacles regarding permits and local council approval.

That being said, pre-selling property such as luxury condos is no easy task. The benefits of pre-buying an apartment can often be overshadowed by what buyer’s see as high risk – the fact that the property hasn’t yet been built and may turn out differently to how it was originally planned. These worries may be further amplified by the possibility of potential planning and construction delays and in the worst case scenario, that the development could fall through all together. Architectural renderings when involved in the process at an early stage can help to avoid these type of situations, but 3d animations can take this one step further by showing the investor, buyer, planning authority, construction company, and so on, exactly what the property will look and feel like in just a few seconds.



Photorealistic architectural renders are perfect when it comes to showcasing the design and benefits of key elements of an unbuilt property, but are limited when it comes to giving a real sense of the full project, dimensions, and how different spaces connect. 3D Animations are far more effective when it comes to this, as they are able to show a property from several different angles in just a matter of seconds, quelling any doubts regarding dimensions and spacing. This helps to minimize any worries that the client’s master bedroom will be smaller than he pictured, and that the living room will still be receiving a sufficient amount daylight light after those latest amendments to the glazing design.

The higher the level of comprehension that buyers have of an unbuilt property, and the clearer they can see it’s advantages, the higher the chance will be of them taking the plunge and making an investment.  


Light House in Gdynia, Poland - 3D Animations



A study by Microsoft revealed that the average person’s attention span has worsened since the information technology revolution at the end of the 21st century, decreasing by around a third to a measly 8 seconds today. That’s worse than a goldfish, and with the ever increasing distractions from mobile phones, computers and other devices, this doesn’t look set to improve in the near future. This means that grabbing and maintaining people’s attention is not only a challenge but an essential skill in order to successfully sell a product or service in today’s competitive market.

CAD drawings, floor plans and banging on about technical details are a no-go, and whilst an exterior or interior design rendering can be very effective at grabbing people’s attention, they may pose more of a challenge when it comes to maintaining it. 3d animations win here, as they are able to showcase a whole range of rooms, views, and connected spaces, crating a greater amount of interest and inspiring anticipation in the viewer as they watch. In contrast, searching through, and showing, all of the individual features of a building or development might take a few minutes with real estate renderings, and even more time with traditional real estate marketing tools, 3D  animations are able to showcase everything in seconds in a spectacular movie-like way, grabbing the client’s attention in a way that an image simply can’t.

Investing in a quality photorealistic animation will benefit your marketing campaigns to no end. When a potential client is presented with an impressive animation upon arriving at your website, or when scrolling through various social media feeds, the chances of you grabbing their attention, hooking their interest, and inspiring them to make an inquiry, will be much higher.



A photorealistic animation done by an architectural rendering company is extremely powerful in the sense that they are able to evoke strong emotions of excitement and intrigue in potential buyers and investors. In the similar way that a trailer of the highly anticipated upcoming season of your favourite TV show gets you more thrilled than a set of photos, a stunning 3d animation will have the same effect when compared to 3d rendering services.

The combination of a beautifully rendered animation of a property coupled with inspirational footage of the surrounding environment and a highly emotive soundtrack, is guaranteed to make a hell of an impact on potential buyers and investors. This helps you stand out from competitors and ultimately increases the chances of a successful sales and marketing campaign. For landmark projects take this one step further with the integration of Green Box Technology allowing the insertion of real-life people into your animation, and there is no limit to how far your campaign can go. Talk about a way to evoke emotions, quell doubts and sway skeptical buyers.