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3D Architectural Renderings


We create award-winning 3D architectural renderings for different types of projects requiring 3d architecture rendering, spanning from Modern Residential, Classical Architecture, Commercial, Urban, and all the way up to full-scale business districts. Below you will see some of the finest examples of our 3d exterior renderings. We specialize in creating stunning 3D rendering visuals and offering tailored assistance to meet your every need. If you would like to receive additional information about our exterior renderings after viewing our collection of 3D rendering work, please reach out to one of our specialists at [email protected]

What Our Clients Had To Say

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Residential Building on Washington Street, NYC
3 Hudson Boulevard, New York - Architectural 3D Visualization
33 Bond Street, New York City - 3D Architecture Rendering
2078 Stradella, Bel Air, Los Angeles - 3D Exterior Rendering
Business District in Brazil - Aerial Rendering
Beverly Crest Residence, Los Angeles - Photorealistic Renders
Conceptual Greenhouse Restobar - Photorealistic Exterior 3D Rendering
Millenial Media Office, Los Angeles - Exterior 3D Visualization
Bayberry, New York State - Residential Visualization
Luxury Holiday Resort in the Caribbean
Luxury Spa Retreat Resort in Thailand
Residential Building on Washington Street, NYC
Single Family Beach Property in Kihei, Hawaii
Luxury Spa Retreat in Thailand
Luxury Holiday Resort in the Caribbean
Luxury Spa Retreat in Thailand
Exterior Rendering of a Modern Clubhouse in Cape Cod
Harlem Tower Concept in New York City
3 Hudson Boulevard - 3D Photorealistic Rendering
The Residence Club at Victory Ranch - 3D Architectural Visualization
Harlem Tower Concept in New York City
6th Street Viaduct in Los Angeles - 3D Architectural Renders
Shopping Center in Rio de Janeiro - 3D Exterior Rendering
Garcha Residence, Vancouver - 3D Architectural Exterior Rendering
Addie Westlake Multifamily Community in Austin, Texas
Surfside Crossing in Nantucket
6th Street Viaduct Los Angeles - Photorealistic 3D Rendering
Deep Dene Residence in British Properties

Use of 3D Exterior Renderings For Architecture & Investor Presentation

  • There are many ways that working with a 3D Rendering Company can help you achieve your marketing or design goals, and the first way is by enhancing your presentations. Whether they’re for getting architects on the same page for a particular design, or capturing potential investors’ attention, there’s no doubt that 3D Renderings can be a massive help.
  • Firstly, renderings can be used when you’re competing with dozens of architectural firms in a competition to determine who will be able to work on that state-of-the art public building that you’d love to design. They can also be very handy when it comes to speeding up the process of getting your client onboard with your design for their property, bypassing the draining to and fro process of finding a design that your client can relate to.
  • Another way that 3D rendering can be used when it comes to persuading real estate investors to choose your development over others, which can be a tough ordeal. Studies have found that people form a first impression of something in a mere 50 milliseconds, meaning that starting your presentation with a show-stopping rendering can ultimately increase your odds of closing that contract.
  • 3D architectural designs through the form of photorealistic 3d rendering can be such a powerful tool to help achieve these goals due to the visual impact that they have. People are visual creatures, and imagery is the most memorable and effective tool available when it comes to grabbing people’s attention, meaning that 3d architectural renders, as well as other types of 3d Rendering Services, are guaranteed to grab people’s attention and wow potential buyers over sketches, concept diagrams, descriptions of features, and the like. Not only do studies show our brains not only process visuals faster, but they also retain and transmit much more information when an idea is delivered visually over any other alternative.

3D Renderings For Architectural Firms

  • Win over your clients with your design in the most effective way with 3d photorealistic rendering that shows your projects in the best light
  • Make your work process smoother and more efficient when it comes to convincing clients about your design and the direction you wish to move in, enhancing the efficiency and decision-making process throughout all stages of the project
  • Get different decision-makers from different professional backgrounds all on the same page which rids any confusion over technicalities and speaks to people on a deeper level than CAD drawings or poor quality renderings
  • Deliver top-notch architectural presentations and increase the odds of your winning that architectural presentation or closing a multi-million deal through using outstanding 3D visuals to their fullest potential
  • Not having to wait years for your project to be completed before being able to maximize its marketing potential on your portfolio

Exterior Renderings For Real Estate Developer Marketing Campaigns

  • As a real estate developer, 3D Renderings can be a game changer when it comes to maximizing the sales potential of a property. Below are a few examples of different ways of how:
  • Increase the effectiveness of your real estate sales & marketing campaigns with top-notch visuals that will grab potential buyers’ attention
  • Increase the chances of getting the interest of investors with imagery that allow you to sell your projects in the most effective way
  • Find the best 3D visualization package that fits specifically into your budget and matches your current sales & marketing needs. We will tailor a package that will match your needs whether your priority is quality, turnaround time, or cost
  • Increase your marketing potential with breathtaking imagery that can be used to make your portfolio stand out from your competitors and show your website and social media pages in the best possible light
  • Quell any potential doubts and leave no room for miscommunication with buyers by allowing them to see exactly how their home will look like and giving them a sense and feel of the space
  • Have access to a tool that helps you to sell one of the main advantages of investing in a pre-sales apartment, customization. Allow the client to design their own home to their own liking and create that emotional bond your property, ultimately increasing the chances of you closing that deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Create A 3d Architectural Rendering?

This depends on a few factors. Will you provide us with a 3D model or will we need to work directly from CAD drawings? How many images would you like of your project? How quickly will you be able to give us feedback in between each round of deliveries? How important is meeting a tight deadline? With these factors in mind, creating renderings can take anything from 1-6 Weeks. For a timeline estimation on a specific project, please contact us at [email protected] or +1 347-994-0951.

How Does Your Rendering Process Work?

We break down each project into small stages and set milestones with our clients. For 3-d architectural renderings, we propose several different camera angles, prepare preview renderings, and then move on to the revision rounds. After the revision rounds, we move on to preparing the final renderings and can then start with additional products (3d animations, virtual tours, 2d floor plans, apps, etc) which follow a similar process.

Can You Create A Unique Style Of Images For My Project?

Yes, we are able to create images of a specific visual language for our premium clients. This process starts with learning about your preferences and creating a guideline specifically tailored to your brand. The result of this process is renderings (and other products) that become engraved into your brand identity.

Can You Work With My 3d Model? Is This Helpful?

Providing us with your 3D model is always better than just providing us with CAD drawings. That being said, most 3D models delivered by clients aren’t good enough to create photorealistic 3D renderings and therefore need to be optimized in order to achieve photorealistic results. We typically have more work with models that are created in engineering software (e.g. Revit, Rhino, etc.) and less work with models created in architectural software such as SketchUp and ArchiCAD.

How Many Rounds Of Revisions Do I Have Before The Final Renderings?

Our standard proposal includes two revisions but this can occasionally be adjusted, and if you are looking to save on costs then one revision may be a more suitable option. On the other hand, if your project is at an early stage then we would highly recommend going through more revision rounds to test out different design options and to set the final design in place. After the initial project briefing, your designated project manager will let you know what amount of the revisions will be advisable for your project.

Can I Choose The Angles Of The Renderings?

At the beginning of your project, we will send you a selection of drafts showing your project from several different angles so that you can choose the one(s) that you like the most. We only start creating photorealistic renderings once you’re happy with the angles.

Can You Enlarge The Renderings So That They Can Be Shown On A Billboard?

We can make the renderings as large as you need them to be. We only need to know the exact size that you need so that we’re able to schedule our production ahead of time. The process is very similar to that of creating standard renderings with us only needing to spend a little extra time on enhancing small details to make sure that the quality of the renderings is maintained when shown on a large scale printing.

I Have a Rendering Created By Another Studio/in-house Team – Can You Improve Them?

Yes, we are able to improve any renderings created by your in-house team or by another studio as long as you are able to provide us with the rendering source files. If you have only an image and aren’t able to get your hands on the source files then we will only be able to use the image as a reference and will have to create the renderings from scratch. We carry out a lot of work that is a continuity of what architects begin with their in-house rendering teams. This process typically works with the in-house team creating renderings that are good enough to approve the design of a project and is then passed onto us (along with source files) to create photorealistic renderings for marketing purposes.

How Much Does Architectural Rendering Cost?

In most cases, the price varies between $ 500 – $ 5,000. This depends on the amount of work required to create an architectural rendering i.e. a small single family house can be created by one person within a couple of days whilst a multifunctional development requires a team of people working simultaneously. Also, the reputation of the rendering teams plays a role as more experienced teams can achieve better results in terms of image quality and can be quicker.

What Does Rendering Mean In Architecture?

Architectural rendering is a computer-generated image of a future architectural project. It is created based on architectural projects and in some cases it can be as realistic as a photo. They are used by designers and developers to make sure that all the parties involved in the process understand the development the same way before starting to build it. Also, they are used for real estate marketing and they are part of the pre-sales process.

How does 3D Rendering work?

3D rendering is the process of turning 3D models into color images. In this process, elements such as colors, textures, lights and shadings are added in order to create a realistic interpretation of a space. These are then put into certain environments to show the context and improve the realism of an image. This process is done by one or more 3D Artists.

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